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Interested in what other services we provide then click on the Tabs above OR call James Cagney on  +61 1300 563 543 OR on Skype at +61 7 5660 6573 or Fax +61 7 5657 7094. Please call between 09h00 to 18h00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). 

You need help getting finance, mortgages, business loans, a Self Managed Super Fund and investing your money!

James Cagney, found that many Australia immigrants and New Zealand immigrant as well as locals struggle with starting a business and finding a reputable financial service professionals in Australia and New Zealand to help them with their finacial challenges. The business environment, laws and procedures are complex and people waste a great deal of time and money, making mistake after mistake. You need to set up the right structure before you buy a property or a business. Get professional advice as this will save you valuable time, money and effort.

James has a Certificate IV Finance & Mortgage Broking (FNS40811) as well as many years of experience in dealing with mortgage brokers, financial planners, accountatnts, banks and other lending institutions. We refer clients to professionals who get highly competitive mortgage rates from banks, brokers and other lending institution. We assist you to build a property portfolio that will ensure you enjoy your retirement. 

James Cagney is able to assists migrants, investors and permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand to buy properties, businesses and gives valuable guidance to help you to become successful and find your way through the red tape, which you will inevitably encounter. We also direct migrants to reputable accountants, solicitors, insurance brokers and financial planners. We have a network of professionals to help you.

If you are discouraged by not being able to pay your mortgage fast enough (the banks take their interest mostly upfront and you just keep paying) or the returns you are getting from your business or Superannuation contact us. We will introduce you to one of our licensed professionals within the Intgrity Finance Network that will give you sound advice. Be in control of your own money by contacting us NOW - click >>>> here .

If you want to know more about the important issues above go to our "NEWS" section and click on the many articles we have on the subject >>>here.  Please contact us >>>>> here if you need assistance in any of the above.





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