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Who is James Cagney?

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Why should we buy an investment property?

There are many benefits for Australian residents purchasing investment property including:          

* Appreciation   

* Depreciation   

* Tenant paying the mortgage                                                                        

* Tax rebates from the Australian Tax Office (ATO)

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Can overseas residents buy in Australia?         

Australia is a wonderful country where you will have an equal opportunity to become unequal. That is of course if you do not want to be classified as "average" which means being happy to live like everybody else (which means you will need support from the government to survive in your retirement).. If you would like to be part of the 5% of Australians who retire independently wealthy you need to invest your money wisely. Making your money work for you instead of working your whole life for money.

James Cagney's interest in Real Estate was kindled when he realized that immigrants have the opportunity to buy investment property in Australia whilst still living outside of Australia.  Many migrants mistakenly believe they can only do this when they arrive in the country. However, buying property is in fact more difficult once migrants settle because they have no credit record or equity in their new country - two ingredients essential in order for the banks to lend money to purchase a home. As a result many migrants have to wait several years before they can buy a home, which can be very stressful as rents are high and "dead money". Housing prices continuously rise in urban areas, and new migrants can't afford to buy and therefore have to rent. Unfortunately the cost of living is rising continually and migrants are finding almost impossible to save for a deposit for a property. Unbeknown to most migrants and overseas residents, they can actually borrow between 70% to 80% on the property from Australian banks, whilst they are still living and working in their home country. The easing of the South African Reserve Bank exchange control restrictions has helped many South Africans to fund the deposit and costs to enter into the property market prior to their immigration to Australia.  A deposit of around 20% plus purchase costs is required and most investors from developed countries have no exchange control and can easily deposit the money safely into an Australian solicitors account.

James Cagney is a registered Real Estate Agent in Queensland. James is able to help you purchase Queensland property as well as the other States in Australia through professional associates.  James has reliable contacts with real estate agents around Australia i.e. Melbourne and Victoria property; Adelaide and South Australia property; Canberra and ACT property; and Darwin and Northern Territory property, Hobart and Tasmania and Perth and Western Australia. Investment property anywhere in Australia can be sourced through registered and local experts so give us the destination of your choice.  Just click >>>>here and give us your destination and price range for Australia and New Zealand.

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What can the Australia Investment Property Network do for you?

At the Australia Investment Property (AIPN) network we work hard for our clients to assist them in purchasing exceptional Australian property for owner-occupier and investment purposes. These include houses, villas, townhouses, apartments and land purchases. We offer an integrated system to help our clients purchase quality real estate which offer maximum capital growth and sustainable rental returns. To find out more about how you can benefit by joining the Australian Investment Property Network click >>>> JOIN.

 What we will do for you:
  • Help you understand the Australian property market.
  • Source the best property to fit your budget and circumstances.
  • Arrange mortgage finance and bank accounts with favorable terms and conditions.
  • Refer you to independent and reputable professionals to complete the purchase and look after the property after the purchase e.g. Solicitors, Mortgage Brokers, Bankers, Accountants and Property Managers etc.  

James Cagney has in-depth knowledge of the Australian property market and he is willing to assist you with your investment in Australia. James is a member of the Property Investment professionals of Australia (PIPA). This is an organization dedicated to delivering a high standard of ethics and services within the Real Estate Industry and has stringent standards to meet before and after membership is approved.

James is the founder of Wealth Mentors, a group of investors that assist clients to invest wisely. If you would like to speak to a Wealth Mentor to help you sift through the plethora of investment advisers and consultants wanting to sell you shares, futures, commodities, property, ostrich feather, Pine trees etc. etc. please click >>>>. here . Let's face it advisers have their own wheel barrows to push and it is hard to get unbiased opinions in where to put your hard earned money.. These sales people  will justify themselves by stating they have a living to make and need to make commissions and fees but how does that help you? Take action and contact us TODAY.

For more information on AIPN, please click here.

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What makes Australia a desirable destination for migrants?

  • Despite the world economic crises Australia has one of the most stable economies in the world
  • The Asia Pacific region is an area of enormous economic growth. Australia's trading arrangements in Asia with countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea are predicting good growth in their economies, whilst the USA and Europe are stagnant. Global demand may decline but Austral-Asia  will gain market share at the expense of higher-cost producers like the USA and Europe.
  • Australia has good prospects although there is a decrease in the prices for commodities. The lowest  interest rates in 54 years and the declining value of the AUD against the USD and the Euro is encouraging  international investment into Australia.
  •  The Australian Government has been proactive in stimulating the economy. They decided to inject vast amounts of money into new building grants, First Home Owner grants and into new infrastructure to create jobs and to stimulate the economy.
  • The population growth rate of Australia has over the past decade has been a major factor to economic growth.  Migrants have contributed greatly to this and a large percentage of migrants (64%) are in the skilled category. This means that many of these migrants are buyers and renters of quality real estate. 
  • The home affordability ratio increased by 2.4% and the average household needs 38.8% of the family income to service the home loan. This will reduce many of the marginal property buyers who will opt to rent which will increase rental returns on investment properties. For more updated information please go to the "NEWS" section and browse through the recent Articles and Property Updates by clicking  >>>> NEWS .

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Why should international investors buy property in Australia? 

Because you can!  Non-Australian residents can legally purchase Australian property. There are regulations in place for non residents, which are not too arduous and we will explain to you.   Below are a few of the reasons why you should buy an Australian property:

  • It's a hedge against unstable currencies against the AUD. Invest in a democratic country which has a stable economy, strong currency and a secure future?
  • The median price of residential property in Australia has increased at an average of 10.5% per year over the last 50 years. You need to get into the market as quickly as you can to take advantage to ensure you can afford a home. Do not wait until you settle in Australia to buy property. You will pay more and you may not be able to get a loan.
  •  Purchasing a property prior to settling in Australia is smart because it gives you automatic credit-worthiness should you choose to take up Australian residency. The alternative of paying cash for everything when you first arrive because you have no credit record will dwindle your savings away.
  • The property market in Australia is growing and  purchasing an investment property before you settle gives you equity to buy your own home in an area where you and your family want to live. The investment property may not be in the area you want to settle because you are looking for capital growth. The area you want to settle in may not have the capital growth you want so you need to look elsewhere to make returns.   
  • Your investment property will give you personal income tax credits in Australia, which you can use when you start working and earning income in Australia to reduce your income tax. Australian income tax is high and strictly regulated and paying the tax man less when you get to Australia means more money in your pocket.  We will explain how this works to you.
  • The landlord in Australia is protected by the Residential Tenancy Act. The landlord is considered King and /or Queen as we have some of the strictest tenancy laws in the world. Ask us for more information about your rights as a landlord and how we can assist you in getting the right property management in place.

For more updated information please go to the "NEWS" Tab and browse through the recent Articles and Updates James Cagney has written on property Or click >>>> here . Do you want to know more OR do you have another question? To save you time simply scroll to the top of the page and click on the questions you want answered and it will take you to the relevant section..

Where should you purchase an investment property?

Do not become emotionally involved or "loyal" to the state where you initially plan to settle when purchasing an investment property in Australia. Think of the property as a money box into which you, the tenant and the taxman (ATO), make deposits into. You must invest where you get the best capital growth and sustainable rental return.  You can always use the equity in the investment property to buy your home.

Many migrants choose the major cities in Australia to settle.  The population of Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane and Perth and the surrounding towns has grown dramatically in recent years. A great proportion of this growth has come from overseas migration.  Property prices have resin dramatically in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and Perth over the past few years. Fears of a Property Bubble in these major cities is rife and imminent. Brisbane is predicted to have the best future growth as property prices are reasonable in comparison to the other capitals.  
  • Capital growth more than rental returns will give you the opportunity to increase the number of properties you can buy because of the increased equity in the properties, because this increases your capacity to borrow more money. Once you own a number of properties then rental returns becomes more important than capital growth. So go for capital growth first and then rental returns later as you need the cash flow to support the properties. 
  • The inner suburbs in the capital cities are popular for the younger and up and coming renters. We call them DINKS in Australia (Double Income No Kids). Existing properties in these areas are expensive, often need renovating and a lot of continuous maintenance. For the offshore investor this is a huge challenge to keep paying the expenses and  investors should concentrate on purchasing new properties to avoid the stress. There are strict regulations about foreign investment so speak to us before you purchase a property.
  • In the near future Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide  and the surrounding  areas  will be more affected by the frequent global recessions and crises because of it's large manufacturing base.  The high cost of Australian labour is forcing many of the Australian manufactures to go offshore to Asia to remain competitive. Qantas, Ford, Holden and Alcan are the latest victims and more retrenchments will follow. The withdrawal of Holden in Adelaide  and Ford in Geelong by 2017 and the adverse affect  it will have on the supporting  industries will unfortunately will make real estate in other areas within Australia a better proposition. The retrenchments will adversely affect the capital growth of real estate in these cities.  Many laborer will have to move to other areas to find work which will increase vacancy rates and rental returns will decline in these areas.

For more updated information please go to the "NEWS" and  browse through the recent Articles and Updates by clicking >>>> here

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When should you buy property?      

PROCRASTINATION will keep you BROKE and FEAR will make you POOR and the worst thing about being POOR is it takes up all of your time. . How many of us know elderly folk who agonize over every dollar they have to spend. Make a decision today to take ACTION AND not end up like them. It is your choice so - choose today what you want from life and how much money you want  at retirement. If you choose to be WEALTHY then you need to act NOW.  Australia Hot Property (BN.20574423) have value for money properties that are in high growth areas. James spends time every day researching areas and contacting developers in these growth areas. Unfortunately,  there are too many marketing organisations and property spruikers selling overpriced properties in areas that are showing no or limited growth because they have to sell the stock they have right now.   Please contact us so  we can give you more details of the properties we have for sale that will make you money.

The fact is that many properties you find on property search websites have been there for months because they are either overpriced or undesirable. There are over 1.7 million properties listed and if you spend a few minutes studying each one it will take you 5 years to get through them all.  It's impossible and ridiculous for you to even contemplate this.   Australia Hot Property (AHP) do the research for you.  Trying to get through the insurmountable data available yourself is like trying to get through the jungle with a machetee - it will take a lot of hard slog, time and money on your part. We have a CHAIN SAW to get through this jungle, which is more effective and less time consuming for you. Stop trying to do all the work yourself. and rely on others otherwise you will get "analysis paralysis" and never make a decision. You then end up with that terrible affliction in retirement "ican'tafforditis",which is not what you worked 45 years of your life to settle for. 

You will be thinking "Whats in it for me" (WIIFM) . Well AHP make commission when you buy a property. We obviously need to make money to stay in business. However, if we get you what you want.......we are entitled to get what we want. We will make you money..... and we thereby earn commission. It's the  "Law of Reciprocity"  and it works. Please note that in every one of our properties it is the seller who pays the commission not the purchaser.

Read this before buying a property:

  • Despite the posturing by the opposing political parties in Australia to gain votes prior to Federal and State elections the property market follows the usual property cycles. Australia's proactive immigration policy and increasing birth rate has the population projection over the next 30 years increasing by as much as 40%. This will push the population in Australia to around 30 million people within the next 10 years.
  • Mortgage interest rates in Australia are the lowest in 54 years. It is much easier to secure a loan for a home or investment property and the costs are a fraction of what they were a few years ago.
  • Property is subject to fluctuations and follow cycles. James Cagney has studied the actual property cycles over the years and he will give you his tried and tested interpretation of this. His clients and members of the Australian Investment Property Network (AIPN) have benefited greatly from his advice over the years. To find out more about the benefits of joining the AIPN click >>>> HERE.
  • For more information on the actual Property Cycle go to the "NEWS" and browse through the recent Articles and Updates. The Property Cycle is under the article 'When is it the best time to buy and sell property" or  click >>>> HERE.

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What is NRAS and how do you benefit from the income tax rebates?

NRAS is a Government program that will pay you tax free money for 10 years after purchase of a new investment property. The Australian Government has given this to assist to alleviate the huge shortage of rental housing on a national level and has created the National Rental Affordability Scheme, called "NRAS".

The NRAS program is designed to focus on affordable housing and not social housing. The government is well aware of the previous problems created through public housing schemes and does not want to repeat the problems of the past.The Government has enlisted the support of the public sector to ensure the most favorable outcomes. It's doing this by providing substantial incentive is to property investors. These incentives can be as much as $103,500 over a ten year period.

National Rental Affordability Scheme discontinues incentive allocations in the May 2014 Budget. The Government will achieve savings of $235.2 million over three years by not proceeding with Round 5 of the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS).
Funding for incentives from earlier rounds that are un-contracted or not used within agreed time frames will be returned to the Budget. Funding for tenanted NRAS properties is not affected.

The Government has now confirmed its commitment to funding incentives for 35,000 NRAS properties. With the recent floods in Queensland and NSW it has forced the federal government to announced that NRAS funding is to be partially diverted for rebuilding damaged houses. This has now reduced the overall NRAS allocation by 15,000 houses and $264 million. How long this will last before the scheme has reached its full allocation is the unknown.

We have talked to numerous NRAS investors achieving many more benefits over and above all that is currently available for them that negatively gear. This is an opportunity for investors to get in quick before the scheme is sold out.

What can the investor receive?

NRAS offers annual incentives for 10 years. There are two key components.

(1) A Federal Government Incentive is indexed to inflation for 10 years at 1st May 2013 is $7,763 per dwelling as a refundable tax offset or payment.

(2) A State or Territory Government Tax Free Incentive indexed to inflation for 10 years at the 1st May 2013 is $2,587 per dwelling for the year. The incentive is given annually on the condition that throughout the ten year period the dwelling is rented at 20% below the market rent to eligible lower and moderate-income households.

The Federal and State or Territory Tax incentives total $10,350. The rent component, weighted average of eight capital cities is 3.7% for 2013 2014. If the weighted index continues at this rate you will receive approximately $103,500.00 over 10 years. The beauty of this is the Federal Government incentive is a tax offset not a tax deduction. A tax offset is better because it is a direct reduction in the tax payable whereas a tax deduction is a reduction in the taxable income, which is then taxed. The State Government incentive is also tax free.

The Federal Government tax offset is a refundable tax offset. Whilst most tax offsets can only reduce your tax payable to zero, according to the Australian Tax Office, "refundable tax offsets can reduce the amount of tax you are liable to pay to an amount less than zero, which results in a refundable amount". Therefore under NRAS, the State and Federal Governments are contributing by way of cash and a refundable tax offset or payment. So the investors rent out their property through the NRAS scheme giving a 20% discount on rent, the incentive in 2012 - 2013 financial year equates to $10,350 tax-free. The value of the incentive is adjusted yearly in accordance with the rent portion of CPI using the weighted average of the eight capital cities across Australia in any given year.

The data will then be forwarded to the relevant government agencies and after the annual audit is completed, you as the investor will be issued with your NRAS Tax Offset Certificate in June each year (for ten years) which you will use to claim your Federal Government Tax Offset through your tax return. Your State Government NRAS Tax-free payment will be paid at the end of September each year or ten year

NOTE: The NRAS Incentive is indexed according to movements in the Rents component of the Housing Group Consumer Price Index for the year, December quarter to December quarter as at 1 March, using the weighted average rate of eight capital cities housing component, and is effective from 1 May.

What to be wary of with NRAS?

Investors need to be aware that when borrowing for the NRAS property NRAS properties not all Banks will treat NRAS as standard security. This is because NRAS properties are rented at a minimum of 20% below market rent. This can reduce how much you can borrow from the banks, and this is why you need a qualified person to assess your financial situation and approach the right lender.

Many NRAS properties are often approved in areas of lower household income and your capital growth potential will be retarded. Developers have found a way to offload their land in these lower income areas. Always look for capital growth first rather than focusing only on tax reducing programs before you buy an investment property.

NRAS was developed to reduce rents for the lower to middle income earners  Too many NRAS properties in one suburb will affect the capital growth potential of the entire area. Although the scheme was introduced to reduce rents for lower to moderate income families pressed by high rents this does affect the perception of the neighborhood by future investors, There are areas in all cities that are predominantly rental and these suburbs have never been high capital growth areas. 

To Summarize.The benefits of investing in an NRAS Approved Property are:                                                                                                

  • Increased income through the Commonwealth and State / Territory incentives
  • The growth in the property value over the 10 years
  • Negative gearing income tax benefits using full deduction of interest payments and property depreciation
  • Good opportunity for a positive cash flow
  • Tax Free income indexed to inflation for 10 years
  • Tax Offsets indexed to inflation for 10 years

If you would like to know more about the Government's NRAS scheme please click >>>>> here.

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Do you want to buy or sell a property right now? 

All Australians will soon  know Revalu8 as the web based real estate company which puts people ahead of profits to create an opportunity to make money for all those who choose to join the Real Estate REVOLUTION.

On the 27th January 2016 a "REVOLUTION" took place in the Real Estate INDUSTRY. Yes and at last and  the real estate industry will never be the same when a web-based property site called Revalu8 was launched. This is the first the first time in Australia  that the "Buyers"comes  first and not the real estate agent in the process of a property sale. The property buyers will get size able "rebates" from the vendors when they when they buy, which usually goes into the real estate agents' pockets. This is unheard of! The REVOLUTION of the industry is about to happen because Revalu8 is here at last.

The Vendors have the benefit of thousands of agents across Australia selling their property and they only pay commission and advertising when the property is sold and settled. No longer will sellers be conned into giving sole agency and large advertising money to get their properties sold. No longer will they be manipulated by unscrupulous real estate agents who are more interested in their commission than working in the clients best interest. We have EXPOSED  the tactics and games real estate agents play so  see the EXPOSE  "Do you want to sell your property for a healthy profit and not make real estate agents rich" below and not be taken for a ride ever again.

On the beginning of July 2016 Revalu8 has $16 million in incentives and GROWING every day!

Freely available to all members of ReValu8 is:
  •     $8 million worth of Buyer Incentives          
  •     $5 million worth of Agent Incentives
  •     $3 million worth of SMARP * Incentives

* SMARP (Social Media Affiliate Rewards Program) is for everyday Aussies, who may not be in the market to buy or sell property, but want to make EXTRA INCOME. You are rewarded for introducing buyers to ReValu8. Start building your own SMARP network now!

ReValu8 is here to help everyone get into a home quicker and those who want to become property investors can do so faster.

  • First home buyers & renters wanting to buy - huge government grants and vendor incentives to get you into the market sooner than you thought was possible. Parents be sure to tell your adult children about Revalu8.
  • Up-sizing or downsizing property owners  - you set the criteria for the home you want, register on the watch-list and get regular updates at what's available for sale. You get incentives from the vendors when you buy direct from the Revalu8 site.
  • Property investors wanting a better deal - You have a choice of properties nationwide from which to chose from, without having a pushy sales person trying to sell what they have listed so they can make their commission.
  • Sellers wanting a fair price for their property  - You set what advertising you want to spend, commission and incentives you want to pay. Best of all - you only pay these at settlement. No upfront fees. Pay only on a successful sale.

Right now buying a property through ReValu8 could see buyers  receive up to $42,000 as the buyer's share of advertising and commission for a single property purchase. To find out more:click on  "The Real Estate REVOLUTION IS HERE AT LAST!"

Whether you are in the market to buy or sell property, or not, ReValu8 rewards ALL involved in a purchase. First Home Buyers benefit the most because they can double dip. Firstly they get the government grants and incentives plus they get incentives / rebates from the seller through Revalu8.

As the "Seller" you are going to be in control and not the real estate agent. Revalu8 works on a NO SALE, NO FEE basis.  Plus you determine how much commission you want to pay and how much you want to spend on advertising.

As an Affiliate you earn a referral fee when you help people buy and sell a property. You don't need a Real Estate license to earn money through Revalu8. Just join the affiliate program by clicking >>> HERE . All you have to do is join as an Affiliate refer people to the Revalu8  site and see how easy it is to earn extra income through the Revalu8 Affiliate program.

Remember, ReValu8 believes it's unfair not to share in the $10 billion spent every year on advertising and real estate commissions and you the Buyer and an Affiliate can benefit from the redistribution of fees.

James Cagney invites you to become part of the Real Estate REVOLUTION by joining Revalu8. He will train you how to use Revalu8, help you present the portal and help you build your network so you can make excellent income through Revalu8. As an example James has two helping gifts to make you successful which you can download: NOW.

  • Develop the mindset of the rich eBook click>>>HERE
  • How to create successful networks eBook click>>>HERE

If you want to find out more about Revalu8 click >>> HERE .

To find out what properties are available for sale right now contact James Cagney on his mobile +61 416 137 645 for more information.

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Do you want to sell your property for a healthy profit and not make real estate agents rich?

I am going to let you into the secrets that many real estate agents use to enrich themselves at your expense and you always end up losing money.

1. They persuade you to sell your property for under the market value.  They tell you that the market is "bad", "down", "at the bottom" etc. etc.,  so you will agree to a lower price so they can get a quick sale and earn their commission. They use historic data to prove their point without taking into account the actual property cycle. In other words is the property in the "Rapid Growth", "Correction" or "Stabilisation" phase. This is as more important as historic data because it will tell you when the best time to sell will most likely occur. What happens you sell your property and a few months later the property market in the area goes up and you regret selling your property. How many times I have heard vendors say "If I only held onto the property for another year I would have made double the amount of money". Too late now because you did not get the right advise from lazy and unscrupulous real estate agents who are more interested in their own self promotion (putting "SOLD" signs up) and their commission than what is in your best interests. The truth is most agents can only sell property because they tell the buyer that they can get them a discount because they know what you will accept because you are now desperate to sell after months of trying and having spent your hard earned money on advertising. The fact is that the Real Estate Agent simply cannot act in the best interest of the "buyer" and the "seller" . It is impossible because he is after a commission for a sale and one party is going to lose and the other gain. Revalu8 now puts the buyer and seller in control of the sale and not the agent. See "Do you want to buy or sell a property right now?" in section above.

2. They give you an unrealistic high price for what your property is worth. Let's face it most people do have unrealistic expectations of what their property is worth. However,  these real estate agents need to justify their jobs to their boss by getting listings at all costs so they can fill their advertising space with your money. You give them money for advertising and they have kept their job.  If the property is not sold within a month because they will get very few inquiries because the price is unrealistically. We must acknowledge that buyers today are Internet savvy and they do their research and the agent can't  pull the wool over their eyes. Just before the expiry date of your sole agency or exclusive agency agreement (more about this con below) the agent convinces you to lower your price and more often than not say you now have to spend more money on advertising. You do not want to throw away the money you have already spent on advertising so you agree to spend more of your hard earned money. Sellers are suckered in once again. Think about it - what a way for the agent and the Real Estate  agency to increase their advertising exposure (once again) with your money? Revalu8 allows the seller to determine how much advertising and commission they are prepared to pay Revalu8. Plus you only pay for advertising when the sale is settled.  No upfront fees - how good is that!  See "Do you want to buy or sell a property right now?" in section above.

3. They persuade you to give them a "sole" agency. They justify this by saying that they are going to do so much for you (mostly over-promising and under delivering) and for that the agency deserves to have the sole right to sell the property. What you have done is exclude the other agencies in the area to sell your property! Of course, they tell you they will conjunct with other agents but the reality is the agent is not about to give away half of his commission to another agent.  So if another agent has property in the area they do the same and what they are doing is restricting choice and disadvantaging you as the vendor. And, why sell a property when the seller is paying for their advertising space. They are more inclined to push properties where the advertising money is exhausted and those where the sole agency is about to expire. Vendors are seldom inclined to give another sole mandate if the property is not sold within the allotted time-frame. Agents in the area are well aware when these sole mandates are about to expire and they will be knocking on your door spruiking their ability to sell your property. More advertising money is need of course and you are paying. This is going to change because Revalu8 is now here . You now can list your property with other agents nationally and buyers get an incentive because Revalu8 give the buyer part of the commission the agency and the agent would have earned. 

4. They are torn between the income from property management and giving you advice on selling your property.  The value of a real estate agency is in the "Rent Role". This is the core of their potential profit and what they can sell to another agency. Therefore,  property sales are the cream on the top for them - they are more interested in their rent role than in your goal to sell the property. Think about it - they can't sell their salespeople, the furniture is not worth much and the shop / offices is rented or leased. If there is a long term tenant in your property they may persuade you not to sell and you could lose out on the best time to sell your property. Or, they can put your property on the "back burner' and sell it only when they have a long term tenant in place. Revalu8 do not have a conflict of interest like real estate agencies do because they do not manage a rent role.

5. They limit you to people looking for a home to live in rather than to investors. Agents that sell homes do not have the research that many other direct property professionals have. Therefore these agents can only try and build a story around your property to investors. Unfortunately for them Investors today are Internet smart and they go onto the numerous property sites that are available and do their research. They soon find out that the many agents "stories' are fabrication and therefore you have limited your market to home seekers only.  Revalu8 has properties for investors as well as home occupiers. Please click >>>. HERE for more information.

Of course their are ethical and respectable real estate agencies in Australia but the games that many real estates agents play and the methods they use to prey on unsuspecting vendors who fall for it time and time again must be EXPOSED. Do not be conned by unscrupulous real estate agents who use the  tactics above and obviously do not have your best interests at heart. Through Revalu8 James will create a WIN / WIN for both buyer and seller and makes no apologies for that.  Everybody wins this way and James commission is fair and competitive in the market place and is disclosed - no secrets, no games just looking after the interest of the buyer and the seller.

James Cagney is a member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) and wants to and must abide by the strict Code of Ethics of the Organisation. James will give you a realistic price and time-frame based on sound research and his knowledge of the Actual Property Cycle. He will advise when the best time for you to sell your property. It is about " Time in the market" and  "Timing". The Property Cycles for your area and location of your property is paramount if you want to sell for the best price. James will take both of these into account in his Property Appraisal. For more information on the Actual Property Cycle click >>>>> HERE.

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How are you protected when you purchase a property through AHP and AIPN

Australia Hot Property (AHP) ( No.BN20574423) and the Australian Investment Property Network (AIPN) are subsidiaries of IRPS Associates Pty Ltd,  a registered Real Estate Agency in Queensland (No.3048759). James Cagney, has a Certificate IV in Real Estate Agency Practice and is a registered Real Estate agent in Queensland. James is a member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA). This organisation's goal is to uplift the ethics and standard of service within the Real Estate industry.  Members have to abide by this strict "code of conduct" or be forced to resign from the PIPA organisation. James adheres to the code and promotes the ideals and goals of the organisation. Both AHP and AIPN are genuinely independent, ensuring total impartiality when recommending property for their investors.

Many Developers and builders pose as independent marketers of property but push their own properties because they have bills to pay and they have the bank to appease so they can borrow more money to expand the development or for the next development. Real estate agents have contracts to sell specific properties of sellers and they just build a story around that property to persuade you to buy the property. Whether that property will grow in value is not their concern because they are not looking for ongoing business the are chasing the sale . If they don't do this the vendors will take the development away from them and give it to another real estate agency They simply have deadlines to meet or lose out on their commission.  We pride ourselves on giving our clients sufficient data and a choice of properties that will give you financial freedom. We do this through working with Revalu8 and other reputable builders that we have carefully selected. More about Revalu8 below.

James has his Finance and Mortgage Certificate IV,  a member of COSL No. M0025259  and a registered Credit Representative No.462890 with Asset Financial Services Pty Ltd and he is able by law to give you advise on lending money.  He has associates that are licensed Brokers, Financial Planners, Solicitors, Accountants, Property Managers, which he recommends to ensure you are protected and get the best advice.

James is an advocate for property investors in Australia. Unfortunately the Real Estate industry in Australia has a very bad reputation. This reputation is not unfounded as many people have been conned by unscrupulous real estate agent in the past. James is constantly fighting for the rights of people who spend their hard earned money trying to secure their future through investment property. James is the founder of "a-fair-go", which stands up for the rights of property investors in Australia.

If you have a complaint about any real estate agent please contact James and he will investigate on you behalf so you can get  "a--fair- go" to make an honest dollar. Just click >>> HERE to a share your concerns or clarify any issue about real estate in Australia. .


James is the founder of the Australia Investment Property Network, which property investors can join. We are looking for people throughout Australia who want to associate with other people who want to enjoy a retirement with lifestyle and dignity rather than been broke, embarrassed and ashamed and living off the charity of the government, family and friends. . If you want to know more about the benefits of owning investment property or want to continue investing and expanding your property portfolio please contact us by clicking >>>> HERE.


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This is not financial advice. You should not act solely on the basis of the material contained on this website. Changes in legislation occur frequently and without prior notice. Items herein are general comments only and do not constitute or convey advice per Se. The data stated herein was taken from published data and the author and IRPS Associates Pty Ltd are not responsible for it's accuracy. 

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