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Has the Gold Coast poperty market gone Bust?

Is the Gold Coast property market bust? Read this article below to gain valuable insight into the Gold Coast market like never before! Much depends on which expert you listen to!  It also depends on which wheel barrow the experts happens to be pushing!  If the expert is a Property Spruiker then the market is "definitely go...

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What will happen to the Gold Coast market after the floods?

Firstly, our hearts go out to those families who have lost family and friends. In true Aussie spirit many folk are picking themselves up from despair and making the best of what they have left.

I am a fan of Michael Matusik, a Queensland property guru, and you will find his views frank and sometimes controversial. I wholeheartedly agree...

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The Queensland Govt wants to give you $10 000.

The Queensland State government wants to give you a gift of $10 000 - so take advantage of this, whilst you can! Of course the first thing that entered your mind was - "WHAT'S THE CATCH?" - and I don't blame you. Broken promises from the Australian Government are the order of the day. So...."Moving forward ....", t...

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