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Inflation the Friend of the Rich and the Foe for the Rest

I know there is a lot of talk about deflation these days and some first world economies are in danger of deflation but the real enemy is inflation. If you locked 1000 economists in a room and asked them to come up with a single solution they would still be there a month later - arguing!  Economics is not an exact science - it is either t...

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Superannuation is the Titanic which they also said was unsinkable!

The experts at the time the Titanic was built declared that the ship was unsinkable. When you are only relying on the government pension or allocated pension (Superannuation) to support you in your retirement think about the Titanic. This is why: The government has to find funds to support the huge $1 trillion current deficit in their tradin...

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The 7 Pillars of Financial Freedom FREE eBOOK

Increase your Financial IQ and beat the Banks Contents About the Author Page 1 Introduction Page 1 Pillar No1 -  Having a Long Term Financial Strategy Page 2 Pillar No.2 - Understanding Debt Page 4 Pilla...

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