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SEQ Hot Property

GREAT PROPERTIES - REAL GOOD VALUE. A one bedroom unit on the Marine Parade in Southport opposite the Broadwater Parklands and near the business and medical precinct of the Gold Coast. This is a a give away at a reduced price of $240,000. You have got to see this to believe it. Click on >>> HOT PROPERTY(1) SORRY SOLD:  This is...

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Few believed that Sydney house prices would fall but it has because...

(A three minute read) The latest Property Clock published by Herron Todd White (HTW) shows that Sydney house prices are starting to decline. That is because of a few simple principles:    The property market follows cycles.     Property is about supply and demand.     The "...

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Facts not Fiction - Property Market October 2017

In my property updates this year I have concentrated mostly on the New South Wales & Victoria property markets. There is a reason for this - these are the hot markets that have been worth investing into during 2017. The Herron Todd White (HTW) Property Clock, which  is the only property clock  I would recommend, published this t...

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Melbourne Outer Northern Suburbs

(A three minute read) In July 2017 data suggested Melbourne's property market was beginning to outpace Sydney's, and this trend was  likely to continue as affordability, higher interest rates for investors  and migration patterns all favour the southern city, say experts. In June, Melbourne's median dwelling pric...

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Melbourne Property Market 2017

Over the last six months i have released valuable property information on the Melbourne property market.   Newspapers have been under severe financial duress due to the lack of advertising funds and the event of on-line news and advertising through Google and other service providers.  Most have laid off a large number of journa...

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