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Beware of Melbourne property - know the market

I recently had the pleasure of attending an event in Melbourne put on by four well respected  finance and  real estate specialists called the "The 2 day Real Estate Investing Fast Track".  These are home grown boys who have lived in Melbourne for many years and understand  the physche and the demographics of Melbour...

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Predictions for the Property Market in Australia for 2016

This article is an addendum to the Property Update published on the 17th March 2016. It has taken into account the Median Prices of houses in Australia  over the last 10 years and the last quarter of 2015 (TABLE 1) covered in the Property Update. It has also taken into account the predicted infrastructure planned and committed by the Fed...

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The Sydney property market going down....down....down

THE SYDNEY PROPERTY MARKET GOING DOWN.....DOWN.....DOWN Well first of all you can not classify Sydney as one market. With over 4 million people with well over 150 suburbs where property values are over $1 million in value you can not compare this to any other city in Australia (with the possible exception of Melbourne). You almost have su...

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How infrastructure effects property values

You have to follow the infrastructure to be able to predict where the growth in house prices is going to be over the next few years. As Tom Cruise said in in the movie Jerry Maguire "Show me the money". Once you know where the money is and estimate where the properties are in the "Property Cycle and Cycle of Market emotions&qu...

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What will happen to the Queensland property market in 2016

I am going to be my own harsh critic on previous predictions I made about the property market in January 2015 and show the impact this will have in 2016.   You can simply read below or you can go to the article I wrote in January 2015 which I edited in after Cyclone Marsha,  to cross reference if you wish. Otherwise just contin...

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