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The 7 Pitfalls to avoid when buying an investment property FREE eBOOK

Contents:   Introduction to the Author Page 2 No.1 Pitfall: Buying with your heart and not your head                                   Page 2 No 2 P...

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Is there a safe investment today?

We have all heard the saying "As safe as houses" - never a true word said. We have the governor of the Reserve Bank, Glen Stevens, saying that the property in Australia is now unaffordable so the banks have to tighten up the lending criteria on investment property. So the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) put the scr...

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The best kept secret of rich property investors

Here is the best kept secret that will help you to make money investing in property........... Contrary to popular belief the property market cycle is not a smooth curve. There are three separate and distinctive phases in the property market i.e. The "Rapid Growth" , the "Correction" and the "Stabilisation" p...

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How to know when it is the best time to SELL and to BUY Property

How to know when it is the best time to SELL and to BUY property? To understand this I will need to give you a brief account of my experience in real estate. I started  selling Australian real estate in 1996 when I was in South Africa. I introduced  a local Queensland real estate agent  to my  clients who were migratin...

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What are the pitfalls of NRAS?

What is the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)?   NRAS  is a Government program that will pay you tax free money for 10 years after purchase of n new investment property. The Australian Government has given this to assist to alleviate the huge shortage of rental housing on a national level and has created the Nation...

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