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Bitcoins and sharemarket - the end is nigh!

This is what Harry Dent's said about the share market early in February 2018 but no one seems to take notice: " I have been warning now for many months that U.S. markets are in what is called a "rising bearish wedge," which tends to be the last move in a long bull market (and even more so in a great bubble). Stocks go ...

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We did not listen to the experts!

The writing is on the wall. The "Bust" which has been predicted by many of the leading financial experts for some time is here. However, like Lemming  falling over the cliff by their thousands, investors have ignored the signs. It's a cycle and each phase in the Boom-Bubble-Bust is inevitable. Harry Dent who is one of the lead...

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The 3 + 1 secrets to reducing the amount of interest you pay the banks

(A two minute read) I am amazed how many mortgage holders have not reviewed their mortgage within the last 12 months.  Most of these mortgage holders are paying far too much interest to the banks and will end up paying double the amount they borrowed in interest. Many believe it is not that important because their property is gro...

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The Government has got what it wanted - found someone elase to blame for the coming BUST

(a 3 minute read) This is what is happening to the Australian economy and Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition are about to blame everyone else for this and will leave dead bodies in their wake: Sydney house prices fell 1.3% and Melbourne fell 1.7% in May 2017 (Corelogic) Sales of detached houses fell by 3.3% in April (HIA) ...

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Bank executives caught with their hand in the cookie jar

Once again the big banks dictate the state of the economy and not the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) or the Australian Government. The RBA in attempt to stimulate the economy and increase employment reduced the cash rate to 1.5% on  2nd August 2016. Then we all waited for the banks to act so the consumer could get the benefit of the rat...

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