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Which research is fact and which is fiction?

This is the time of the year all the experts are out on the street busking their opinions on the prospects for the economy, real estate and share market for the coming year. We are not short of opinions from research companies, property experts, journalists, property developers, real estate agencies, mortgage brokers, banks and non -bank lenders...

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How the Coronavirus will affect the property market

The Coronavirus (COVID - 19) pandemic has turned the Australian economy on it's head. How is this going to affect the property market. Well nobody has the answer right now. We all have theories based on our priorities and bias. However, Machiavelli said that "If you have learned nothing from the past you will never be able to predict...

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An expose of property marketors in SEQ

South East Queensland (SEQ) property market has been a bee hive of property activity in the last three decades. The beneficiaries of this economic boom has been the major land and building construction developers. These companies modus operandi was to create large estates that were aggresively marketed through generous commissions offered to ...

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Now is the time to Act!

Now is the time to make some decisions about your personal wealth in 2018. Investing in real estate provides opportunities a plenty but there are pitfalls around every corner. It is time to get good advice about property and finance: 1) Watch out for dodgy property research and spruikers exaggerated claims.  Spruikers rule and it is a c...

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Sydney property bargains for the picking

(a four minute read)  If you have not  visited my website at www.jamescagney.com.au you may not know my story. I will be brief - I arrived in Australia in April 1998 from South Africa. Happy to report that my five children and my grandchildren are all happily settled in Australia. When I hear immigrants complain about things in ...

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