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An expose of property marketors in SEQ

Written on the 26 January 2020 by James Cagney

South East Queensland (SEQ) property market has been a bee hive of property activity in the last three decades. The beneficiaries of this economic boom has been the major land and building construction developers. These companies modus operandi was to create large estates that were aggresively marketed through generous commissions offered to real estate agents. Hundreds of builders, real estate agnts and mortgage brokers arrived from all over the country like bees around the honey. Ther has been a corrsponding increase for tradespeople and labourers within as the demand for contruction increased. 

Renters dominate in most of these large estates and there has been an oversupply of houses in many of these estates. Unfortunately many aspiring investors, believing the properganda of property marketers and real estate agents, have not benefited from the boom in the region. The oversupply of houses has lowered the rental returns of these properties, which has left investor disappointed and resale prices of these houses is often below what investors originally paid. in many of these estates is not plausable. Some investors have waited 15 to 20 years tke limited capital gains.

This still does not stop property marketors who actively market new house and land packages in new property estates in the region. These unscroupulpoous marketers care nothing for hard working aspiring property investors. These spruikers are masters at their art and many people are still taken in by their glib sales talk. Glossy brochres with biased and slanted research is presented to naive investors. Mortgage brokers and solicitors are all in the loop to assure investors they have made the right investment. 

Author: James Cagney
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