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Are you a Tortoise, Turkey or Eagle?

Written on the 14 August 2010 by James Cagney

Do you want to know why the economy in Australia is depressed? James Cagney has been selling investment property for the last ten year in Australia. He has never seen so many nervous buyers in the market today. He thought he had heard all the excuses for not buying including: -  ”it‘s the Global financial Crises (GFC)“; ”interest rates will go up  to 17% like they did ten years ago“; ”we can‘t afford it“; ”we do not want to change our lifestyle“ and now  the excuse is ”we will wait for the results of the general election before we make a decision“.

Wait for it after the general election the excuse will be ”let‘s wait and see what the elected government will do“. We are all like tortoises. We stick our head out of the shell and at the sight of uncertainty we pull it back into our shell. This danger can be real or imagined. We stick our heads out again take a few slow steps and then we pull it back into our shell again. It is no wonder that 95% of the population in Australia will need support to survive in their retirement. We are like TORTOISES. So many people are negative and depressed at the moment and it is easy to get caught up in this negativity. So what if the government changes to the Coalition or if Labour stays in power! Most of these politicians are TURKEYS who are only interested in their own self preservation. These turkeys would best be served on the dinner table and not running our country. We get so caught up in their rhetoric and their cackle. We wait in great anticipation for the next promise, the next hand-out, and the next free lunch. It is hard to be positive and to focus on building our wealth for our retirement.

James has developed a technique to remain positive in the current economic climate:

Every time he hears politicians, friends, relatives  and colleagues talk negative about the economy or the property market he visualizes a Turkey. He pictures the turkey's ugly and ridiculous head and neck and says to himself ”Gobble, Gobble, Gobble“ . This does bring a smile to his face and helps him disregard whatever they are saying. Birds of a feather stick together so James prefers to be visualize himself as an EAGLE and not a Turkey or a Tortoise. Soaring high in the sky and seeing the big picture. Focusing on what is important and where the opportunities in the property market are. Eagles are able to swoop down on their target with effortless ease and with deadly accuracy. That is what we should do be doing if we are going to retire independently wealthy. There are bargains in the property market on the Gold Coast right now. Be like the eagle - focus,swoop and seize this opportunity to make money.

Give James a call on 0416 137 645 or go to the property section on his website at www.jamescagney.com.au and you will find bargains that will not be there long. Life is about choices - will you be the eagle or the turkey or the tortoise.

Author: James Cagney
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