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How to buy or sell a property without the banks

Written on the 26 June 2011 by James Cagney

How to buy or sell a property without the banks

Are you finding difficult to buy a home or an investment property because:

  • The banks turned you down
  • You do not have enough deposit  
  • You do not have enough equity  or serviceability                  
  • You have a bad credit rating through an oversight or no fault of your own                   
  • You have been working for your current employer for less than two years                                                
  • You are employed on a contract basis?
  • You are on casual wages                                       
  • You are a new immigrant
  • You are self employed and the banks won't look at you
  • You are happy living in the area you are renting right now
  • You don't believe you can ever own your own home

These are just some of the common reasons that people fall short buying their own home – until now!   Yes obtaining finance to secure your own home is becoming increasingly difficult. So why don't you "Rent to Buy" a home or an investment property ?

You pay the property off to the seller directly, in exactly the same way as you would a bank. This is commonly called "Vendor Finance" or an "Installment Sale" and it has been available for decades. Of course the banks don't like this because they will lose their fees. This way you eliminate all the expensive upfront bank fees and stamp duties. The real estate agents don't like this because they lose their commissions. The State Governments don't like it because they have to wait for their stamp duties and they need the money right now. But who cares about all of them -  this is about you and your family's future. 

We have keen sellers on our books who are ready to negotiate a fixed price contract with you. We negotiate on your behalf. We have the contract and paperwork in place that protects you and the seller. Since there is no third party lender or council holding up the transaction you and the seller can conclude a deal without the usual delays and you can move into a property within a week . It's a Win-Win transaction and you are on your way to owning your own home.

Or if you are happy renting where you are right now and the owner has not indicated they want to sell then let us approach the owner and negotiate on your behalf. The alternative is they put their house on the market and you have to move out anyway. Besides, once a real estate agent get their paws on the home you have less chance to offer an Installment Sale to the owner.

Owners do not despair there is good news for you too. You get to sell your property quickly in a tight market at a fair price. Obviously this transaction needs our expert advice and the approved documentation so buyers and sellers need to contact us. 

Now all you have to do is contact us by clicking >>>> here. Hurry this is your chance to own your own home or sell your property.

Please go to www.jamescagney.com.au for more information about our company.

Author: James Cagney
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