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Is your Superannuation on the table at the World's biggest casino?

Written on the 5 September 2011 by James Cagney

Is your Superannuation on the table at the World's biggest casino?


I wonder how hard working Australians are feeling right now, watching the value of their Superannuation Fund depreciate year after year? The problem is Australians rely on fund managers, stock brokers and financial planners to manage their wealth for them. It's like letting the management of the Casino gamble for them. Who do you think is going to win? They do this because they feel they do not have the knowledge, experience nor the time to do it for themselves. Of course the Australian government abdicated responsibility to look after these hard working folk in their retirement by creating the misnomer that it is the employers who should pay for the Australian public retirement through the Superannuation scheme. It is criminal seeing the public has to pay huge taxes to the government to provide a liveable pension for them in their old age and they accept no responsibility for us. Hands up who expects any elected government to tell the truth? Certainly not Australian governments of the past. Not to mention the Julia Gilliard legacy of “There will be no carbon tax whilst I am Prime Minister”.

Most people I encounter are scared to invest in the volatile share market today. I am not surprised because the share market IS the biggest casino in the world. Not many gamblers I know make money - although they all tell you when they do win - never when they lose (which is most of the time). Think about it - the “house” (casino) always wins. Why then, would you allow someone else put your retirement money on the table at the casino? Well I can hear you saying to yourself “I’m OK mate, I don’t invest in shares”. Well I'm afraid, YOU DO - most of your Superannuation is in the share market. So your retirement future depends on you winning against the casino! I don't like those odds.

The average annual returns recorded by Superannuation funds over the last ten years have been a mere 3.2% per annum. That is below the rate of inflation. Your nest egg is decreasing year after year. I believe the inflation rate is well above the published rate however the government keeps it conservative in appearance so they can borrow more money from international bankers. And as they borrow more and more money to prop up our fledging economy, taxes continue to go up and up... So get ready to pay more and get less with the cherry on top being that your wealth is decreasing year by year because your Super is falling behind the inflation rate!

So what can you do? We can introduce you to reputable professionals who specialise in helping you protect your hard-earned money. Just click >>>>here to send us your contact details and nominate a time that is convenient for them to contact you. Alternatively, leave your Super on the casino table and suffer with the rest of 'em.

We are presented with two choices: We can watch our living continue to be poorly invested OR you can design a lifestyle for the future you envisage. The little General, Napoleon Bonaparte, said “Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than the ability to decide”. Make a decision today to take control of your Superannuation money instead of leaving it to others to gamble in the world's biggest casino by clicking >>>here.

If you are interested in making your hard earned money work for you instead of letting it dwindle away in the stock market click on Investment Property>>> here. Don't be fooled you are in the share market - if you have Super you have shares because most Super funds are invested in the share market. Share spruikers will tell you that the share market is long term so hold on it will come back. They are sooo right - you have been putting money into Super since 1992 and the share market is back to 2004 levels - how much long term do you want to be in a declining market. Imagine what it must be like for those unfortunate people that are retiring right now, who do not have enough money to live because their Super is down 30% to 40%. Don't let that happen to you. Property has proven to be the safest investment over the past 110 years in Australia. Don't let somebody entice you to invest to make the quick buck. Property is not a get rich scheme it is a "get rich slow" scheme. Unlike those retiring today you still have a choice - take action today and click>>> here to contact us.

For more information contact James at www.jamescagney.com.au OR just click on the Finance Tab on the top of this article.

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Author: James Cagney
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