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The 7 Blunders immigrants make when arriving in a new country FREE eBOOK

Written on the 2 January 2016 by James Cagney


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Australia Immigration Law and Citizenship laws are Federal law are complex and at any given moment, subject to change and review by the Department of Immigration and influenced politicians, the economy of the country and by other government bodies. It takes a trained professional with a great deal of knowledge and experience to find the right path for you to enter the country of your choice.  James Cagney is the founder of  the International Immigration Alliance (TM) and he has over twenty five years of experience in migration.

Do not have the misguided impression that life and living in a new country in any way resembles the life you lead right now. Visiting a country is very different to settling in a country.  Get  professional advice because your qualifications, work experience and business track-record is unique to you and yet has to fit into the stringent legalities of government imposed migrant visa classes.  As a registered Migration Agent in Australia  James has to follow the strict Code of Conduct imposed by the Migration agents Registration Authority (A). To access the MARA website and Code of Ethics click >>>>HERE.  

Unfortunately, the profession is plagued by so-called experts and some opportunistic and morally-bankrupt "consultants." Many offshore so called Immigration Consultants are not registered with MARA. Therefore you have no recourse if the give you the wrong advice or take off with your hard earned money. This will not only cost you dearly but may jeopardize your chance of re-applying. Check the MARA list of Registered Agents before handing money over to con-artists.

People also mistakenly take advice from their family and friends in regards to their potential to successfully migrate. Whilst they may well have succeeded in obtaining their own migration status through one type of visa, they are not aware of any up-to-the-minute immigration policy since imposed and of course, your particular and individual migration requirements which is most cases different although on the surface it looks the same. In our experience no application over the past 25 years has been alike.   Remember the Titanic - it was generally accepted that it was unsinkable. Other unqualified people have opinions rather than facts. Find out the facts about your immigration plans will follow the same fate as the Titanic.

International Immigration Alliance has assisted thousands of families in successfully migrating to the country of their choice. James original migration office in South Africa and London are now independently owned and operated by Relocation Alliance cc and continues to handle migration through licensed professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and the UK. We have associates who are licensed for New Zealand immigration that we will refer you to by clicking>>>>HERE.

For a FREE initial assessment of your chances of successfully migrating to the country of your choice, you need to complete a questionnaire. Once we have determined which visa category best suits you and your family, we will provide you with a quote based on your specific visa class eligibility and preferences. To request your FREE initial assessment, please click HERE.




About the Author

The author of this eBook, James Cagney, maintains that you should only take advice from people who have experience and have achieved success in a specific field of endeavor.  James says when requesting immigration advice you should ensure you only take advice only from someone who has successfully immigrated.  Only these immigrants have earned the right to give you advice. James has helped thousands of people to successfully migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The USA and the UK. James and Shelagh (his spouse) and five children migrated to Australia from South Africa in 1998.  They have made a success of their lives in Australia. James and Shelagh now have nine grandchildren living in Australia. James has the experience and knowledge to help you and your family to do the same. James has the following qualifications:

  • Certificate IV in Immigration Law for Migration Agents and is a Registered Migration Agent (No: 9900101) and the founder of the International Immigration Alliance.
  • Certificate IV in Real Estate Agency Practice and a licensed real estate agent (No.3048738) with IRPS Associates Pty Ltd and provides advice and networking for residential properties investors
  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking and a licensed credit representative with Asset financial Services Pty Ltd. Sources loans and refers clients to financial planners, accountants and solicitors within the network


James is a member of:

  • Migration institute of Australia
    James can be contacted by mobile:  0416 137 645 or through via his website: www.jamescagney.com.au .

James has written two other eBooks you can access by clicking >>>>> HERE.

  • The 6 Tactics migrants can use to find the right job in Australia
  • The 7 Pitfalls you can make when buying an investment property

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Do you want to become an Author?

James is looking for aspiring authors who would like to write their own eBook or co-author a book with him. The following topics are on the eBook agenda:

  • The 7 Ways to increase business in tough times.
  • The 7 Strategies you must do to create wealth
The "7 Pitfalls you can make when buying an investment property"  eBook covers pitfalls to avoid if you want to become a successful immigrant. Recognize that what you should not do is as important as what you should do to enable you to assimilate into your new homeland. Many migrants never get over leaving their country of birth because they have strong family attachments. You will need to build a new life and decide to move forward and make the best of your new homeland.

To this end we are providing you with the seven most frequent blunders migrants regularly make. The total blunders I have heard that migrants have made is very very distressing and far too many to cover in this eBook. I have included are strategies on how to succeed and overcome these pitfalls when arriving in your new home country.

Always get professional advice when considering immigration. Free advice is worth as much as you pay - NOTHING! Call James Cagney on =64 416 137 645 or go to www.jamescagney.com.au


No. 1 Blunder: Assuming that the 'culture' is the same as your home country

New migrants often believe that because we look the same and may speak the same language that we will 'fit in' without any effort.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Migrants must learn about the law of the land and make every effort to assimilate.  Many migrants find security in settling in communities where their countrymen have settled, and while this is comforting in the initial settlement period, this practice does not help new migrants integrate into Australian society.  Think about settling nearby of these groups but not in their 'pockets' so that you can benefit from the comfort of having your 'countrymen' nearby whilst having the opportunity to socialize with your new countrymen.

Migrants where English is not their home language should learn to speak English as soon as possible. There are English language programs available to new migrants:

http://www.education.gov.au/amep (adults)

No. 2 Blunder:  Believing that the transition will be easy

Be prepared.  The experts and experience tell us that any major change in our lives - death, separation, relocating and marriage etc, are situations which will create stress. It takes an average of two years to adjust to any major situation. Be prepared to experience the roller coaster high's and low's.

When we first arrive we feel the mixed emotions of euphoria and fear.  At first we feel as though we are on holiday as we explore our new home ground. Reality soon bites as we realize that we have to find work, a home, kindergartens, schools etc.  If you are fortunate enough to have friends or family as your support structure then you can consider yourself amongst the more fortunate group of migrants. However there can be drawbacks settling nearby relatives and friends covered in Blunder No. 1

Be prepared to make the effort to meet people. Join sport clubs, mothers' groups, school committees etc. Have your children join sports clubs, dancing studios so you can meet the parents. Make an effort to know your neighbors. For testimonials on what James has done for his clients click>>>HERE.


No. 3 Blunder:  Not having a long term strategy

To be successful and to know where we are going - we need a written plan. We should ideally have a written plan for the short term (1 -3 years plan) and medium term plan (4 -9 year plan) a long term plan (10 year plan) and, finally, a Retirement plan. Paul J Meyer said "Whatever you vividly imagine, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass". Wise advice so set yourself realistic, achievable goals. These goals must be in writing and have a deadline for their achievement.

Your 1 2 year plan:  Settling by finding a home to rent. We suggest that you rent a property initially as this gives the flexibility should you decide to change jobs, schools or simply because you find a suburb you prefer.  Setting personal goals for the short term include planning to meet the expenses for your family's immediate needs.

Your 3- 7 year plan:  This is the plan for where you expect to be in the longer term. What income you expect to be making by then and how to achieve this goal.  e.g.:  further education or training for yourself and/or your spouse and; children:  cost of schools, university education, saving for your holidays etc. Plan for the purchase of a new home once you know where you want to live and work. Start looking at purchasing investment property to assist you to save income tax, reduce your home mortgage, and provide for your future.

Your 8 10 year plan:  Time to visualize your long term goals. At this time you should have a clearly defined goal for your retirement.  Australians, can no longer expect to rely on our Superannuation or the Government of Australia pension to take care for us in our old age. The Government pension provides a minimal income for low income individuals. The pension will not be available for most of us and the Government intends to raise the eligibility threshold higher and higher because they can't afford to pay pensions to the millions of Baby-Boomers who have retired and intend to retire within the next five years.

Superannuation funds have their base mostly in the stock market and you do you want to have your retirement based on the ups and downs of the stock market.  Remember the stock market crash during the Global Financial Crises (GFC). You will need to continue to invest in property which will provide the passive income you will need in retirement (safe as bricks and mortar). 

Your Retirement Plan:  This is the most important plan of all. Most immigrants who leave their country of birth do so for the future of their family.  It is a challenge to immigrate successfully and you will have to work hard to establish yourself in your new country.  Get the right advice from qualified people. Speak to reputable accountants, mortgage brokers, financial planners, real estate agents, business consultants etc.  

To gain insight into the Emotional Stages during the settlement process click >>>> HERE.

Call James Cagney at:  0416 137 645 or go to www.jamescagney.com.au  for assistance in this regard.  




No. 4 Blunder:  Not understanding your "Sense of Loss"


After the initial euphoria and having the feeling that you are 'on holiday' reality will set in and as we attend to the matters of living our daily lives many migrants will start to experience a feeling of sadness or a sense of loss. They may be feeling the loss or separation from family members and of familiar surroundings. This is especially hard for the 'stay-at-home' wives or mothers. Migration can be over whelming.  We have had clients who phone us whilst they are in the supermarkets and where the task of purchasing something as simple as washing powder has become an ordeal because the brands of washing powder are unfamiliar.The new migrant may be particularly close to their family and struggle with the sense of loss of contact with family.  Migration is definitely not for the 'faint of heart'. Go to this info to gain insight on how to deal with the emotional roller-coaster you will be on by clicking >>>> HERE.



No. 5 Blunder:  Having the wrong attitude

The successful migrant who wishes to assimilate easily must be prepared to change some of their long held beliefs. Expect to have your ideas, beliefs (not religious), goals, prejudice challenged.  Be prepared to consider that some of the customs of our place of birth have no place in your new homeland. Migrants should be prepared to 'fit in' and not automatically expect our new country to change to accommodate them. You are not bigger than the country and its' existing culture.

Migrants have to accept the law of the land and the culture of Australia. It is how you react to change that is important and not the change itself. You will find that your children assimilate to the country faster than you as they socialize with Australians during their younger years.  Teenagers will need more support from parents as making new friends at that age is sometimes more difficult. You do not want to be always looking over your shoulder and just like the Israelites that were rescued from their hard and cruel taskmasters in Egypt complained that they missed the 'Leeks and Garlic". Remember it is your action at the beginning of a task that determines Success or Failure.To ensure you start with the 'Good" attitude click >>>> HERE

No.6 Blunder: Unrealistic expectations about the job market

Australia has a high standard of education and skills. The Government has low cost loans for students for tertiary education. The universities and technical colleges are internationally recognized for their high standards. There are apprenticeships readily available and employers receive government assistance for each trainee or apprentice they employ.
Many immigrants have degrees and expect to come to Australia and find employment immediately and at a salary they demand. Well, as many migrants relate, that did not happen when they first arrived in Australia. The major issue is that Australian companies want work experience.

It's a chicken and the egg scenario which came first? Most migrants do not have the option of working for nothing to gain work experience but new graduates in Australia do and so the competition for jobs are fierce. It is vital to prepare a suitable resume which will contain your qualifications, your expertise and your unique skill set. Always include any situations where your contributions have benefited the employer, consumer or efficiency of your profession.

The universal "go-to" place "the Internet" should be your starting place.  There are many well established websites which specialize in the job market and we have listed a few:

Seek           http://www.seek.com.au

Job Search   https://jobsearch.gov.au

CareerOne   http://www.careerone.com.au

Australia Wide Personnel http://www.australiawide.com.au

Blue Collar    http://www.bluecollar.com.au

MyCareer   http://www.adzuna.com.au


Ensure that you are fully prepared for your interview. Conduct research on any company where you will be interviewed so that you will be knowledgeable and confident. Unfortunately your expertise in any overseas country is not likely to be beneficial unless the company you worked for is an international, well known company. "Never, Never, Never Give Up" Donald Trump. Success could be just around the corner. The next phone call........the next interview ....... the next follow up call.

You are going to need advice and support in this regard and James Cagney can assist you. Call James Cagney at:  0416 137 645 or click >>>>> HERE. .  





No. 7 Blunder: Expecting business to be same as your home country

Business is highly competitive in Australia. There is a great deal of Federal and State Government control conducting business in Australia. The underlying

commitment to running a business is a "Duty of Care" to the consumer and customer. There are numerous controlling bodies and institutions that ensure that business comply with strict regulation and a "Code of Ethics" generally applies. You will need the services of a professional accountant before you set up a business. James has an organization called the Integrity Marketing Network and the Integrity Business Network which is able to recommend professionals in all of these fields who will help you succeed in business in every State in Australia. 

Call James Cagney at:  0416 137 645 or click >>>>> HERE  for assistance in this regard.  


More strategies you will need to succeed in Australia:

Emergency strategy No.1: Exit Strategy

An Emergency Strategy is your back-up plan for when things go horribly wrong and when you need assistance.  There are Australian government agencies that you can turn to for help. Centrelink give financial assistance to families that need help. Contact Centrelink at: http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/dhs/centrelink

Having tried everything under your control and availed yourself of all the government assistance available, and if you simply cannot assimilate then you have the option of returning to the county of your birth. That should be your last resort because returning back to the country of your birth presents all more challenges. James left a highly profitable immigration business in South Africa to start all over again at 48 years old. He opened a business that lost money and his South African Rand at 8 :1 to the Aussie dollar soon dissipated. Think back his spouse and he believe that it is worth it for the lifestyle and the high standard of medical assistance available to Australian residents. James and Shelagh have 15 grandchildren living in Australia who have the benefits of a first world country. They enjoy the freedom and education that children do not have in third world countries. So if you think you can't make it do it for them. Do not make failure an OPTION. I am reminded what a great warrior said " Courage is not have the strength to go on - it is going on when you don't have strength" Napoleon Bonaparte.  

The Author, James Cagney, is a Registered Migration Agent (No. 9900101) and will give you advice in making a success in your new country.  Call James directly by mobile at 0416 137 645 or email jfc@jamescagney.com.au .



Emergency strategy No.2:  Choosing the right Immigration Agent

Your choice of Agent is vital to your migration plans.  Your agent should be a registered Migration Agent.  Registered Migration Agents and must be able to do the following:

  • Be totally honest with you regarding your eligibility for a visa
  • Keep you informed and advise if any changes occur which will affect you or your application
  • Be contactable during business hours
  • Advise of any change of contact details
  • Applying the law; always considering your best interests; and, confidentiality
  • Advise you any conflict of interest
  • Provide you with a written agreement which includes fees and obligations

Trying to do your own migration can cause huge delays because you do not have the knowledge of immigration law; procedures; quotas; language skills and qualification requirements. Your situation may be different to those of your family and friends. The notion that "one size fits all" is a huge blunder. Any delays and the frustration you inevitably feel could well make the difference to your success as a migrant.  Most time FREE advice is worth as much as you pay nothing!

Call James Cagney at:  0416 137 645 or go to www.jamescagney.com.au for assistance in this regard.  



CONCLUSION & DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this eBook is not a substitution for Professional Immigration advice and only contains information of a general nature.

The contents of this eBook contains information which been prepared by James Cagney, founder of the International Immigration Alliance ® .  James has successfully completed the "Immigration Law for Migration Agents" course from Deakin University Australia and a Registered Migration Agent (No. 9900101). James is also a long standing member of Migration Institute of Australia and as such must meet the stringent "Code of Ethics" of the organisation.

The information contained herein is strictly of a general nature and does not take into account any specific individual's personal situation, aims or objectives. It is imperative that you consult a professional about your specific plans before leaping into the unknown by applying for a temporary or permanent Visa to Australia.   James Cagney or any associate company assume no responsibility for any actions you take independently, without seeking professional advice from a licensed Immigration Agent.

The objective  of this eBook is to ensure that information regarding some (but not all) the blunders people make when immigrating to a new country at no cost to you. Get  professional advice when considering moving to a new country. Contact James Cagney on +61 416 137 645 or go to www.jamescagney.com.au

We wish you every success with your Dreams and goals for the Future


James Cagney

CEO IRPS Associates Pty Ltd
Registered Migration Agent No. 99001101

Author: James Cagney
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