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The Queensland Govt wants to give you $10 000.

The Queensland Govt wants to give you $10 000.

The Queensland State government wants to give you a gift of $10 000 - so take advantage of this, whilst you can! Of course the first thing that entered your mind was - "WHAT'S THE CATCH?" - and I don't blame you. Broken promises from the Australian Government are the order of the day. So...."Moving forward ....", the Queensland Labour politicians simply have to stimulate the building industry - especially as many of these labourers are in the construction sector and vote for the Labour Party. And you thought it was solely for your benefit ....... right!

The Queensland Building Boost (QBB) Grant is a grant of $10,000 for a person or corporation buying or building a new property for a value less than $600,000 in Queensland . The purpose of the grant is to assist in the recovery in the housing construction sector, which is the third-largest job generating industry in the State. Take advantage and invest now and enjoy this bonus ahead of the other slow, disbelieving, procrastinating fence-sitters - who will retire on the whopping amount of $350 per week on the pension because of their inertia.

Another reason the Queensland State government is doing this is because Queensland is facing a housing shortage. Glenn Stevens, the Reserve Bank Governor (who nobody wants to upset in case he puts the interest rates up - so I might as well do it) has done his best to persuade consumers that we are facing another economic depression. Sooo.....nobody wants to buy anything, build anything and do anything.  Consumer confidence is at the lowest level of Global Financial Crises days and soon pretty close to pre- great depression days of 1933. The Tourist and Retail sectors are suffering badly whilst Stevens gets paid $1 000 000 a year (yes, one million dollars a year) to destroy the Australian economy through his conservative, academic, narrow minded etc, etc, etc...approach to economics. I am reminded of that real estate advert where the little girl holding her Teddy bear says " Thank you Mr. Hooker,,,,,,I mean.....Mr. Stevens for nothing".

Never mind me I am just having a RANT about overpaid academics and bureaucrats who get jobs because they fit into dead mans shoes and have very little business experience in the real world and, ....... get paid a fortune to do it!

The important thing is the QBB grant is only available for for a few months and then it is gone.......the 31st January 2012....and it's gone. The Queensland Labour government hopes it will have convinced the voters (obviously just before the next Queensland election) that they are wonderful. What is that ......."CARBON TAX".........what Carbon Tax? 

Now what does the QBB grant of $10,000 do for YOU.

  • You can take the $10,000 and put it towards your home mortgage. "Mortgage" come from the French language and it means "Dead Money". Its dead money because it's not "Income producing". So get rid of your mortgage as fast as you can and get income producing investment property that has significant tax advantages. A payment of $10,000 can significantly reduce the number of years you have left to pay on your mortgage. OR,
  • You can use it to cover the shortfall of your new investment property. For example if you have a shortfall on the property of $96 per week you are covered for two years i.e.    $10,000 divided by 24 months.  So if I said to you that you can buy an investment property, you get all the capital growth for two years and you do not have to pay for it  for two years......would't you snap the opportunity up? It's a No-brain-er. Well you may still be wondering....."whats the catch" and sit on the fence and wait.....and the QBB grant will be long gone. OR,
  • Use it to pay off your credit card debt and stop bleeding all that interest to those blood sucking banks every month. OR,
  • Go on.....spend it on what you like. Buy the ute, the car. the boat or go on a holiday (in Australia please we need the money spent here). It's your $10,000 gift so spend it on what you like.

You need to take advantage NOW - whilst the waters of good fortune are still  flowing-  and you will certainly pre-empt the expected boom and the consequent price escalation in property prices, especially in South East Queensland (SEQ) where the population is increasing well above anywhere else in Australia. Once the feeding frenzy starts there is no stopping it. Buyers tell their friends.....who tell their friends. The media gets hold of it and they say SEQ is booming and more and more people join the frenzy. That is why people buy at the top of the market and get disappointed when they don't make money - they buy too late!  So you better get on board before you are too late and "Cycle of Buyers Emotions" takes over. Click >>>>here to see how this Cycle works.

Now to let you into a secret on how to make heaps of money look at this:

NRAS $130 000 + Capital Gain $400 000 + QBB $10,000 = Profit $540,000 ....OR.......you can make ($ 000,000) over the 10 year period if you do nothing - it's your choice and yours only. Lyndon B. Johnson, a former president of the United States of America, said "Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose". To learn more about the NRAS (National Affordability Scheme) incentive  of over $113,000 up for grabs please click >>>> here.

Please contact James Cagney at jfc@jamescagney.com.au and we will explain the grant in greater detail. Or go to the website at www.jamescagney.com.au .




Go on ...............make some money for a change instead of loosing it in your Super Fund. Please click>>>> here to find out more about the grant.

Author: James Cagney
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