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Written on the 26 June 2016 by James Cagney


The Real Estate market is about to be turned on it's head. People in the industry enter and compete with the "same old, same old' strategy that has been used for decades. Revalu8 will be instrumental in introducing a big change and the REVOLUTION has begun.  With Revalu8 you do not have to be a licensed real estate agent to make money from people buying and selling property because it is an Internet based on-line platform. The age of Technology has eventually come to the Real Estate industry and it is about time.

Revalu8 offers a unique service and huge benefits to both buyer and seller. If you are excited about the prospect of making money through property now is the time to get involved.  However, please note upfront that this is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme. Your enthusiasm to help people make money is  the key to you being  successful with this service. I will describe the benefits of being part of  the Revalu8 Revolution by giving you the facts rather than the hype. It has taken Revalu8 over 7 years to refine and perfect the Internet on-line platform to this point. Seven years in the development stage seems a long time but I can assure you it has been worth the wait. The ground work has been done so you can get on with the most important task of any business - marketing and selling.

The Australian real estate  industry has remained rigidly unchanged for well over 100 years. This industry oversees approximately 500,000 transactions and generates in excess of $10 Billion per Annum in advertising and agent fees. ReValu8 is about to redistribute some of that money back to everyday people who are passionate about helping people.

Over time, the dominant players have perpetuated a 'cultural conditioning' hypnotizing the majority of buyers and sellers into simply trusting in the system. The Sole Agency system has built a pipeline that allows the Advertising companies to utilise the services of 70,000 Real Estate Agents to sell their advertising space for them and the only change in the last hundred years has been a shift from newspapers to computer screen through Internet advertising.


ReValu8 is here to help everyone get into a home quicker and those who want to become property investors can do so faster.

  •  First home buyers & renters wanting to buy - huge government grants and vendor incentives to get you into the market sooner than you thought was possible. Parents be sure to tell your adult children about Revalu8.
  •  Up-sizing or downsizing property owners  - you set the criteria for the home you want, register on the watch-list and get regular updates at what's available for sale. You get incentives from the vendors when you buy direct from the Revalu8 site.
  •  Property investors wanting a better deal - You have a choice of properties nationwide from which to chose from, without having a pushy sales person trying to sell what they have listed so they can make their commission.
  • Sellers wanting a fair price for their property  - You set what advertising you want to spend, commission and incentives you want to pay. Best of all - you only pay these at settlement. No upfront fees. Pay only on a successful sale.
Right now buying a property through ReValu8 could see buyers  receive up to $42,000 as the buyer's share of advertising and commission for a single property purchase. T


Whether you are in the market to buy or sell property, or not, ReValu8 rewards ALL involved in a purchase. As an Affiliate you earn a referral fee for your contribution to helping people buy and sell Australian real estate. You do not have to be a licensed real estate agent to get involved as an Affiliate in the Real Estate Revolution.  Call James Cagney on 0416 137 645 or click >>> Revalu8 to find out how you can join Revalu8 and be part of the REVOLUTION. James will show you how  you can earn referral fees by being an Affiliate.

But let's be honest, the Sole Agency system does not benefit the Sellers. How can stopping every Agent except one from selling a home be a good thing? It is also not good for the Buyers who may need to see 20 different Agents to view all the homes in a couple of streets in a suburb where they want to live. But here's the kicker. A Sole Agency isn't even any good for the Agents as their Buyers go to to the competition. The end result is they restrict the buyer from buying a property from them - unwittingly restricting their income.

The new paradigm will shift the power to the Buyer - like every other industry - the golden rule will now apply - the client comes first. The match needed to ignite the REVOLUTION of how property is bought and sold in Australia and to create the industry's "Uber" event is Revalu8.  Now for the first time the Buyer and not the Agent is in the driver's seat. The Buyers, are the people actually spending a lot of money, and they should be the ones getting the priority and all of the information they require to make an informed decision.

For way too long a time the Real Estate Industry has been controlled by the Big Multi-Nationals and Elite Agencies - taking money from Mums and Dads to keep their profits rolling in!  To be fair: we all have to make a living and try to make profits but the current system (or food chain) was built to reward the Advertisers before the Agents, before the Sellers and the buyer is left out in the cold. The Revolution in the Real Estate Industry was so long overdue and Revalu8 will be the catalyst of change.

Unlike other industries, the current establishment has stubbornly resisted progressive change, understandably - why would the Multi-Nationals Franchise chains alter what has been for them a successful money making machine for so long. ReValu8 will not only reward buyers but will ensure that Buyers are educated and informed so they can be certain that the property they purchase is actually right for them and not just the best property from an Agent's perspective (this is a significant challenge to the current paradigm).

ReValu8 will also give the power of control over the property back to the Sellers. There will be no Sole or Exclusive Agencies through ReValu8 thus giving Sellers an open marketplace to sell their properties through thousands of Agents across Australia, and; they only pay the commission fee at settlement (or as we say: once the job has been done). ReValu8 will bring about the redistribution of the enormous amounts of Advertising Fees and Agent Commissions through our "Member Get Member Programs".

ReValu8's systems are Globally Patented and designed to provide both Buyers and Sellers with information which most Agents can't, OR won't OR don't want to give their clients. ReValu8 is committed to BUSTING OPEN, BUSTING THROUGH & BUSTING OUT of the outdated real estate and advertising practices.

When a buyer purchases a property using ReValu8 they will receive a large share of the advertising and commission fees agreed to by the Seller. Sellers hold the ultimate power in how they promote their properties. An inherent feature of the Revalu8 platform is the ability of the seller to include additional 'Buyer Incentives' to improve their visibility and ranking against competing properties. These incentives will primarily be made up of consumer based products and services such as Pre-paid Visa Debit cards, Holidays, Deposit Assistance, Travel or Retail Gift Cards. The buyer gets the incentives and the agent or Revalu8 affiliate gets the commission. Everybody wins!



Let's look at the real estate industry:

  •     Over 175,000 Investment Properties are purchased every year
  •     Over 75,000 First Home Buyer Properties are purchased every year
  •     Over 250,000 Owner Occupiers buy a home to live in
  •     This gives us a total 500,000 Properties purchased every year
  •     Over $10 Billion in Advertising Fees and Real Estate Commission is paid every year

ReValu8 has the Technology to help those 500,000 Buyers get a better deal through better information and education.ReValu8 was created from the ground up to cater for the Buyer and their diverse goals and objectives when selecting a property to purchase. It may come as a surprise for many in the real estate industry to know this, but it just so happens that Buyers are not wanting to buy a property just because the Agent has a Sole Agency on the property.

Let's be absolutely clear. ReValu8 believes an Agent's job should be to find the Buyer the best property for the Buyer, not try fit them into a property where they have a Sole Agency  and want their commissions before the sole agency expires.

In the ReValu8 world, Buyers are provided with "Choices" not Sole Agencies. In our world, Buyers are provided the real facts and real figures to help them make informed decisions, which  are always in their own best interests. In our world,  the people spending the money are getting what they want and getting a better deal. The question is how many of those Buyers and Sellers will have the opportunity to get a better deal offered by ReValu8? Now this is where you come in because everyone needs a home to live in and the great Australian dream is to own your own home. This is a huge opportunity for you to make money by introducing  the "Buyer" and "Seller" to the Revalu8 platform as an Affiliate


Selling a home in Australia has always been an interesting situation when you think about it. The Real Estate Agents want big commissions, but worse still - they want advertising money upfront so that they can advertise their Franchise or business name, or their smiling faces on the signs and Internet. This is not what the Buyer wants and definitely not what the Seller wants.

Agents have been programmed to believe a sole agency is what real estate is all about when in reality it's about finding a Buyer a home they want - and helping the seller receive the best price for their property. Under the current system the money that the Seller spends on advertising is directly helping your Agent sell their business name and aiding the sale of other properties that are coming to the end of their sole agency period. This has been an ingrained system for so long that nobody has questioned the Status Quo.  Most Agents won't discount their commission when they ask Sellers to lower their selling price (when they most likely initially advised the seller that the asking price was realistic - then telling the Buyer and they could get them a discount). Sellers take the financial hit while Agents still get most of  their commissions. Do agents share their commission with buyer or seller? Well Revalu88 does!

In Australia the Agents want a Sole or Exclusive Agency so that they are guaranteed their commission, but this stops every other Agent in the area and in the country from selling the home. That may be great for the Agent but how is it good for the Seller, to not allow other Agents to sell a home because the Sole Agent won't usually conjunct (share commissions) with other Agents. Agents need to learn that the focus should be on the seller and the buyer.

Worse still, the advertising companies which control the websites and the Newspapers demand to be paid upfront. When you get down to brass tacks - the Media earn more money the longer it takes to sell a home. What usually happens is the Agent comes back to the Seller and complains that it's the market and you the Seller will have to drop your price. You have to spend more on advertising now of course. Sellers are between a rock and a hard place. Sellers have already spent money on advertising and they do not want to lose what they spent. So many reluctantly agree and sign another sole agency. Sellers are led like sheep to the slaughter.

ReValu8 puts the Seller in charge of their home with a nationwide platform of "Open Listings" and "Conjunctions" with every Agent in the area and nationwide who wish to sell the home and earn a commission. (no advertising money or commission is required upfront and only paid at settlement of the property). The Seller also gets to set the commission, the advertising budget and any Buyer incentives they want to offer to make the property attractive to Buyers. The Seller is in total control (and not the Agent) and the best part is that it is all easily done through the Internet on-line. No fuss.

The ReValu8 Plan is simple: it is all about redistributing $10 Billion spent on Real Estate Agents Commission and Advertising ever year in Australia to the real participants in a property transaction like Buyer's and the Affiliate who made it all possible. We also want others to be able to earn a share in these Billions of Dollars by building their own on-line networks. What a great idea so why not have a go.

It is FREE to join ReValu8. All you have to do is invite your friends. They will then get a better deal with Revalu8 when they Buy or Sell property. They may earn incentives or bonuses on offer from Sellers, as do the people who joined through you - in fact ReValu8 shares fees with Buyers and Affiliates over 6 levels of introductions through the "Members Get Members" program. Remember that joining costs nothing!

If you want to refer your friends and also share in the $10 Billion paid every year in Real Estate Commissions and Advertising whilst at the same time enabling your Friends and Associates to get a better deal, if they sell or buy a property, then you need to look at ReValu8 and join the Real Estate REVOLUTION!

Contact James Cagney on 0416 137 645 or Click >>> HERE . Get involved early in the Revalu8 Revolution and you will have a head start. Do it NOW and join the Revalu8 Revolution.



There are in excess of 70,000 Real Estate Agents currently operating in Australia all fighting for their share of the 500,000 properties bought & sold annually. That's an average of 7.14 property sales per Agent per year and the good Agents exceed that figure.

The current system's days are numbered. Who will survive when the Game Changes? The change in Buyer (and Seller) behaviors and preferences for immediate action cannot and will not be denied any longer. The first Agents to change will be winners.

Technological advances combined with consumer demands mean that shop fronts will quickly become redundant like fax machines, CD's and Stock Brokers. The poster brand for famously 'missing the boat' is Blockbuster Video. These guys walked away from NetFlix. How many video stores have closed in the last 15 to 20 years? All industries change and the Real Estate industry has been very slow to change.

Agents know the two biggest objections they get from Sellers on listings their property are about Sole Agencies and Advertising fees upfront.  Imagine how easy listings will become when you can tell your prospective client that you DON'T WANT MARKETING MONEY UPFRONT and that YOU DON'T WANT A SOLE AGENCY and  EVERY AGENT IN AUSTRALIA CAN HAVE ACCESS TO SELL THEIR PROPERTY.  Imagine the reaction of the seller. Why would they not list with a Revalu8 Affiliate.

Sole or Exclusive Agencies will soon be dead. A ReValu8 aligned Real Estate Agent will have access to thousands of listings not just in the local area but from all across Australia. And the best bit is that Agents will still be paid for listings and  helping Buyers to buy a better home!

Every Real Estate Agent in Australia will need to ask themselves one simple question.... How can I compete against ReValu8 Agents and affiliates when they look after the Buyers and the Sellers better than my business does? Service is the key today and the Real Estate REVOLUTION is here.

The ReValu8 platform has the capability to redefine how property is bought and sold in Australia through a number of strategies. Primary amongst these strategies will be harnessing the entrepreneurial drive of ordinary, everyday people. People who buy a ReValu8 property will be empowered with knowledge and an understanding that they too can receive their fair share of the commission and advertising fees for "promoting" ReValu8. So instead of that advertising money going to the Media and Multi-Nationals Franchisers  it will be going to ordinary people, legitimately redistributing the wealth.

Particular emphasis is drawn to our "people to people" approach and of course the power and leverage that Social Media enables. Add to that style of marketing and the consumer's confidence to utilise web-based portals to purchase goods and services, it's undeniable that the Real Estate industry is primed for dramatic change and the Agents who get in first will gain huge advantages over their competition.

The Information Age is all about the Buyer, the person who spends the money having informed choice options. In this age of technology when information and products and services are at our fingertips why would we be tempted to use out dated methodology in what is one of the most expensive purchases we make. People want an easier, hands on method and the ability to achieve a better deal in the process. That is what ReValu8 is all about. Find out how Revalu8 will help you to increase your earnings in real estate. Contact James Cagney on 0416 137 645 or click >>> HERE .


There are various ways you can participate as a Revalu8 Affiliate. You can get right behind it and earn money as much money as you like from the entire suite of opportunities and you can choose where you feel your time and effort will be most productive. Here are more details on each of the following Affiliate programs:

1) Development Lister: You list properties for larger developers and builders. This will give you ongoing income because every time a property is sold on the Revalu8 platform you get a commission. There is a fair amount of administration involved doing this and you have to be approved by Head Office to do this task.  Call James on 0416 137 645 and he will guide you through the process and documentation. The video below covers the advantages for Developers to list with Revalu8.




2) Real Estate Agent & Agency: You list new and existing properties yourself onto the site. You can earn commission and Affiliate fees when a property is sold on the Revalu8 platform. Here are the benefits for Real Estate Agents:

  • Buyers have access to more properties nationwide. If the buyers do not like the properties that an Agent has offered they can choose properties on the platform. Both real estate agents involved in the sale earn either a listing fees and referral fees. More importantly the buyers gets what they want and the vendors sells their properties. It is conjucting with all agents across Australia.
  • Agents do not have to spend countless hours trying to find listings. Your buyers can choose a property on the on-line platform with your expert guidance. This way you earn a commission.
  • Place your listings onto the Revalu8 platform and you can earn listing fees. Do not wait until your "Sole Agency" or "Exclusive"  is about to expire before you take advantage of the Revalu8 platform. Give your vendors the opportunity to sell the property nationally and get the price they want.

Below is a video which will motivate you as a real estate agency or agent  to get in touch with us regarding Revalu8 and be part of the Real Estate REVOLUTION.



3) Buyer: You can buy property on the Revalu8 web- based platform. As a buyer you get incentives and rebate on settlement dependent on how much commission and incentives the vendor is prepared to give you. It is your choice and you are in control. Below are three video ex planing how this works for First Home Buyers, Owner Occupiers and Investors.






4) Seller: You can list your own property on the Revalu8 platform. You choose how much commission you want to pay and how much you want to spend on advertising. You can also offer incentives to induce buyers to purchase your property over others and /or to push the sale forward. You are in control at last. Bear in mind the more commission and incentives you offer the buyer the higher your ranking will be on the site and the faster you sell your property. Below is a video on how sellers can benefit from listing with Revalu8.




5) Affiliate: This Affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn fees by referring friends, colleagues and family to the Revalu8 platform. If a property is sold on the Revalu8 platform you earn commission dependent on the level you are at within the transaction. Below is a brief overview of how buyers, sellers and you can benefit from Revalu8.




We do not expect you to understand  how the Revalu8 platform works in its entirety after reading this brief explanation. Revalu8 have provided copious marketing material, social media briefs and promotional material for Affiliates to gain a better understanding of the platform. James Cagney conducts regular one on one phone calls, Skype calls, Webcasts and Webinars with his Affiliates. James conducts group meetings around the country where you can meet other Affiliates and learn from their experiences. After all birds of a feather stick together and Revalu8 Affiliates will grow over time and we earn money by helping others to achieve their dreams and goals in life. The opportunity to earn extra money is now in your hands. James is not going to promise you enormous riches overnight - it takes time to build and grow. What you need to do is to get involved in Revalu8 now at the start of the Real Estate REVOLUTION, which will give you more opportunity to build your networks. To give you an idea of the help James will give you here are two eBooks that will help you:

  • How to develop the mindset of the wealthy >>>HERE
  • The Streetwise Guide to Network Marketing >>>HERE

The only way to fulfill your financial goals and dreams is to take ACTION. The wealthy entrepreneur John D. Rockefeller snr. said 'If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success" . This is the TIME to get involved with Revalu8 and be part of the Real Estate REVOLUTION> Call James Cagney on 0416 137 645 or click HERE for more information.

Author: James Cagney
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