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The Streetwise Guide to Network Marketing

Written on the 10 June 2016 by James Cagney

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The author of this eBook, James Cagney, maintains that you should only seek out people who have experience and have achieved success in a specific field of endeavor.  James says when requesting MARKETING AND NETWORKING  advice you should ensure that you only take advice from someone who has successfully invested.   James and Shelagh (his spouse) and their five children migrated to Australia from South Africa in 1998.  They have made a success of their lives in Australia. James and Shelagh now have ten grandchildren who were all born in Australia.

James calls himself a "Strategic Entrepreneur' and has successfully started and operated a number of business in his career.  James has been a Real Estate Agent for over 13 years and has helped many international and local investors build a profitable property portfolio. James is a Credit Representative with Asset Financial Services Pty Ltd and has assisted investors to obtain the best loan for their individual circumstances and  formulated a strategy so his clients can achieve their financial goals. James is a registered Migration Agent and has been helping families to settle in Australia for over 22 years. He has helped many of these migrants find gainful employment and to start businesses.

James has obtained the following qualifications over the years to equip himself to help you:

  • Diploma in Marketing Management III The Institute of Marketing Management.
  • Certificate IV in Immigration Law for Migration Agents and is a Registered Migration Agent (No: 9900101) and the founder of the International Immigration Alliance.
  •  Certificate IV in Real Estate Agency Practice and a licensed real estate agent (No.3048738) with IRPS Associates Pty Ltd and provides advice and networking for residential properties investors
  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking and a licensed credit representative with Asset financial Services Pty Ltd (No. 462890). Assets Financial Services sources the most appropriate  loans for your financial situation and refers clients to financial planners, accountants and solicitors within their network

James Cagney has written several eBooks which you can access FREE by clicking >>> HERE:

  • The 7 Secrets to Profitable Property Investment
  • The 7 Pitfalls to avoid when buying an Investment Property
  • The 7 Pillars of Financial Freedom
  • The 7 Blunders Immigrants make when arriving in a new country
  • The 7 Tactics immigrants can use to find the right job in Australia

James can be contacted by mobile: 0416 137 645 or through via his website: www.jamescagney.com.au

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In Australia today the small business person is struggling. Government Regulations and red tape from Federal, State, Council and the plethora of controlling bodies and licensing requirements make it hard to focus on the core of the business which is Sales and Marketing. We are bogged down doing the Australian Tax Office (ATO) work and the  government red tape that we lack the time to market our businesses effectively and to make money. 

Secondly big businesses keep swallowing up smaller businesses and it becomes more and more difficult for the small business owner to make profit. I walk through shopping centres where small business are paying huge rents to the large companies like Westfields, Stocklands and Centro and I wonder how small business survive. I talk to owners of fruit markets, butcheries, delicatessens and they are struggling because Woolworths and Coles are constantly watching their prices and specials and then undercutting them. The giants do not want to give the small business owner a fair go. They have to look after their shareholders.

The start up finance cost you need to raise to get into the well known franchises like McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Domino Pizzas is       prohibitive. Besides the franchise start up costs there are the administration and compliance and ongoing franchise fees. The only alternative may be to start up your own business  - which may take years to get off the ground. So your choice to start a business these days is limited. Are you then destined to work for a boss and earn a paltry wage all your life? No!

Every successful business started as an idea. You must have heard the saying that it "takes money to make money". Money certainly helps but more importantly it takes an idea to start a new business. Then you need to learn how to sell your idea to others especially investors if you don't have the start up capital. My golden rule is if you have to use the equity in your home to start the business then don't start a business. Most new business fail and you will lose your home which is a major trauma in couples lives and often lead to divorce or separation. Plus the burden you place on your family is never easy - especially for the children. If your idea is good enough you can sell it to investors. Earl Warren the American jurist and politician said "Ben Franklin may have discovered electricity - but it was the man who invented the meter who made the money". Yes - one day someone sat down and said to himself how can we make this commodity measurable and sale-able.

Another strategy is to seek out someone who has a product or service but is struggling to get the business off the ground. After all success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Help them grow the business and make sure you make an arrangement to buy into the business or earn a shareholding over time. Get that in writing. 

Another way to get a a product or service off the ground is networking.  This is obviously the least expensive method of getting into your own business.  You don't need a shop front, offices, permanent staff to do network marketing.  You do need determination and personality. However it has been said "Ideas are like a slippery fish. Unless you capture these ideas with the point of a pen and paper, they'll slip away never to be seen again". Not only do you need an idea for a business you need ongoing ideas and a plan to market that idea. Then you need a spring of ongoing ideas to make your business grow. In the Appendix you will find an "Ideas Register".  Either use this or a notebook,mobile application, or tape recorder to capture your ideas and start turning them into profitable units . 

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I am amazed how many small businesses today have no idea about the changes in technology. It may be the small boutique clothing shop which has been in the family for generations - just plodding along - doing things the same way they used to 5 or 10 years ago. Except sales are most likely dwindling, profits are scant and the bills are rising (inflation is real). One day this shop is there and the next day they are gone. Sad but true. It is a case of not being able to "See the wood for the trees".  Business is constantly changing and you have to be on top of your game to compete

There are what Ian Marsh, the author of " The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success ",  reveals is that business is categorised into two types i.e.  "Sunrise businesses" and "Sunset businesses". Sunrise businesses are those on the cutting edge of the latest trends. Sunset businesses are on the tail end of a trend. Just like the dinosaurs these sunset businesses will be gone and people are in danger of losing everything they have worked for. Does having a job suddenly look more attractive? The problem for these sunset businesses is that the owners are so busy working they do not have the time to keep up with the real and constantly changing business world. They just keep working harder and harder trying to make it work -  to no avail. Video stores are a prime example of this and even the giants like Blockbusters did not survive the change in usage and buying trends. So most Mom and Pop video stores went to the wall. 

Look for Sunrise businesses that are coming of age. Get in quick because change is happening faster than ever before and it does not take long for the competition to start up. Unfortunately once competition enters the market most business people use only one strategy -  undercutting their prices. Look for business that do not rely on price because there will always be a wiseguy who thinks that he will beat you on price. They will probably go out of business before you do but that is not much consolation is it?

Sometimes it is easier to look at a market which you should not get into rather than attempt to get into.  To clarify what I am saying:  some markets are better to stay away from - no matter how good your idea . These are markets and the businesses to avoid if you do not have a bunch of money to burn. Let's look at what industries and markets you should not be looking for:

  • ones which have a large Labour Union presence
  • ones which have excessive government regulation
  • ones where you have to seek government approval for projects
  • ones that are labour intensive
  • ones having large capital commitment.
  • ones which need extensive computer programming
  • ones that compete on price
  • ones which require good service providers
  • ones that are open 24-7
  • ones that require penalty rates to be paid
  • ones where the expectations of the consumer are unrealistic.


You may be saying that that counts a lot of  markets out. Yes it does - so avoid them if you want to retain your sanity, your family life and your health. However, this list is not exhaustive and there are many other business I would avoid. By the way I am operating in one of these businesses already so I know what I am talking about.  I have been a registered Migration Agent for over 25 years. Being a Registered Immigration Agent  is a hard and unrewarding way to make a living. Constantly changing legislation and regulations make it hard to keep up to date. You spend time and money on licenses, training courses, insurances, continuous professional development and  memberships for little reward. Client's expectations are usually unreasonable and if clients don't get their visas they shoot the messenger (the migration agent who has to give them the bad news). There are no barriers to enter if you are not a resident of Australia and you work  offshore. No licensing requirements and all that red tape. But as a licensed agent, if the client complains to the government authority, who take the approach that you, the agent, are guilty until you are proven innocent and you then have to spend many many hours defending yourself. The red tape involved in defending your integrity is massive and the stress is draining. If you want to retire from the the business you still have to continue pay all the ridiculous licenses, fees and costs but you can't take on any more clients for two years. If you want another agent to take over your clients there is no goodwill you have to pay them for their time to look after the client. What kind of business opportunity is this to offer for sale to another party? This is a business opportunity you don't need so don't become a migration agent.

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I could rant about the other businesses I have been involved in but I won't. I got into the business, and, as as my dear mother used to say to me      " You made your bed now you have to lie in it".  My advice to your is to thoroughly research the market before you get into it and you will live longer and happier. 

Here is a list of markets you should be looking for: 

  • ones where the service levels are poor
  • ones where everybody says "This is the way it has always been done"
  • ones where the industry has remained the same for decades
  • ones where technology could make a massive difference
  • ones that are ripe for the Internet
  • ones where the remuneration for the owners and staff are non commensurate with the work involved
  • ones that are not price driven
  • ones that are current and topical
  • ones where you can get in early before the market is saturated with competitors 
  • ones where the distribution of product or service is quick and inexpensive
  • ones where there is not a perceived "quick buck to be made"
  • ones where the government and councils "Big Brother" have not got their hands on. 

At the end of the day you are not looking for a "Get Rich Scheme" you are looking for "a fair go" to make a decent living and not lose your shirt in the process. In most cases you will work harder when you are self employed than you did when you were employed. But it is worth it. The satisfaction of making an honest dollar and my family and I enjoying the financial benefit is something that gets my adrenaline going.  

There is is a saying that " If you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door".  Well that is the biggest fallacy ever. Nobody beats a path to your door - unless you have the money that the Apple Corporation have, and spend lavishly on product launching you should not expect people to rush to buy your product or service. Your ideas have to be sold, resold and then resold. It amazes me how many people I see going into business who say they hate selling. Well they are destined to fail. Learn to like what you have to do and selling and marketing is what you have to do. In the appendix you will find an "ideas Register" which will help you to capture your ideas and systematically work through them to fruition. 

By all means do your research before entering the market place. The maths is important and you have to make profit. However, many would be entrepreneurs suffer from "Analysis Paralysis". Always looking into a business but never taking any action. They belong to "the club" and some of these clubs are:

  • "The mirror" club (always looking into it)
  • "The one of these days" club
  • "The if only" club
  • "The one day I'll do it" club
  • "When I win the lotto" club
  • "When my ship comes in" club

Are you a member of one of these clubs? Problem is these people in the clubs are classic procrastinators and they will never do anything but talk about what they are going to do. You cannot build a business on what you are going to do. Less talk and  more action is required if you want to start and be successful in business. However a word of caution: you must evaluate a market to ascertain the potential before you put your heart and soul into it.

Many people believe that they don't have the qualifications to run their own business. The great motivator Jim Rohn said " Formal education will earn you a living; self-education will earn you a fortune".  In my opinion there is no need to go back to formal education institutions to be successful in small business - it is overrated.. I have a formal marketing qualification and I undertook the MBA Marketing module from  the Heriot Watt MBA course. However I have found these qualifications inadequate to cope with small business. I have found them far too big business orientated with marketing and operational theories that do not work for small business. I have also undertaken numerous small courses over the years which have been far more useful for running a successful small business. There are numerous books you can also purchase about running a small business. Plus there are government bodies which provide information and educate you on operating small businesses. The Chambers of Commerce will help you get started and there are specialist education companies which teach the principles of running a small business. If you need help in this regard call James Cagney on 0416 137 645 or click >>> HERE.

Try to think more about the market than about a product or service to launch your business. Ask yourself this question "if I was a prospect being solicited by my company, what would it take to get my attention and get me to spend my hard earned money". The most successful people in business today spend more time finding out what is in the head of the buyer. Most large companies are marketing from their point of view. . They have been in business too long to change. They fool themselves saying "We know best because we are a market leader and this is how it has always been done". They are soon to become the Dinosaurs!

Do not worry about how many competitors their are in the market. The fact is the more competitors the larger the market. Everyone is making some kind of a living in the market otherwise they would quit.  Look at what your competitors are doing well and what they are not doing well. And that  becomes an area where you can concentrate your efforts. It is a whole in their armour so exploit it. The "Ideas Register" in the Appendix on Page 11 will help you to crystallize your thinking about the opportunities for your idea are in the current market place.

I have seen so many businesses products and services fail because the owner had a passion for a product or service but did not find a niche in the market first and  then develop the product and / or service around the niche. What appeals to you is important but what the market wants is another story altogether. Get good advice about marketing your product or service before you rush in. Once you have spent your money on stock, rents, motor vehicles, equipment  etc. your money will  be long gone. If your marketing strategy does not work, where are you going to get the money to invest again. Contact the Integrity Business Network for assistance before you make costly mistakes. James Cagney is the founder of the Integrity Marketing Network and will help you create a marketing strategy that works.  The Integrity Marketing Network has marketing experts, accountants, IT specialists and other professionals within the Network who will give you sound advice before you waste your energy, time and money chasing a pipe dream. Contact James on 0416 137 645 or click >>> HERE

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The billionaire Robert Kiyosaki said " Rich people form networks, poor people work". Robert has made his fortune in property but he used networks to help him along the way. Robert  wrote the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" which is a must for every budding entrepreneur. 

Adverting and marketing a new product or service is not cheap and it takes time.  Do your budgets. Work out your break even point. Factor in a wage for yourself first. The purpose of working hard every day is to provide for yourself and your family. The other reason we work is to invest for our future. The "Laws of Gold" from the book "the Richest Man In Babylon" by  George Samuel Clason has ageless principles to help you succeed in life.  The Richest Man in Babylon first appeared on the scene in 1926 as a series of informational pamphlets on basic financial management. By 1927, several of these pamphlets had been compiled into a book and this collection has been in print ever since. In short, The Richest Man in Babylon is a series of financial parables which are as true today as they were in the early nineties. The author refers to five basic rules called the "Laws of Gold" which will help you create wealth. These laws are:

  •     Put aside 10% to build an estate for your future.
  •     Get that money, a job, invest it.
  •     Don't be a jack of all trades, use the services other people are trained to      provide.
  •     Don't chase the quick buck, stay away from schemers and scammers.
  •     Have an understanding of what you are doing, and be comfortable, BUT do step out of your comfort zone.

I am only going to cover the 1st Law - "Put aside 10% to build an estate for your future". What this means is: pay yourself first. The problem is we go to work day after day, work hard, earn our wages and pay everyone else first and only if there is anything left over at the end of the month you might for that brief moment think about investing it for your future. Starting a business is an investment for your future. If you are going to be a wage earner all your life you will be broke at retirement. It's the middle classes who pay most of the income taxes in Australia. I cover more about this in  "Develop the Mindset of the rich" and you need to read this need to order to create wealth. In the first chapter of the book "The 7 strategies you must use to create wealth". Take the time to download this book by clicking >>> HERE . Read this chapter over and over because the author of the book Napoleon Hill said "All riches, of whatever nature, begin as a state of mind".

The business opportunity is often started as as part-time network marketing venture which has eventually become a full time career. The opportunity exists because the average family today mostly have both parents working. Usually one spouse works part time to cope with the abundant chores of the family and caring for the children' s demands. Because money is scarce, network marketing is used as welcomed extra income and can be mostly attended to in your spare time.

Avoid the hype about making easy money. There is no such thing. Network Marketing is hard work. Once we have run out of family and friends (those who are not avoiding us) we have to start prospecting outside our inner circle. It takes skill to sell yourself first, then the product and then the opportunity. Amway, vitamins, health products,Tupperware, cosmetics  have long been the favorites with network marketers. Many innovative products have come onto the market over the past few years and a number of individuals have done well. Look for these products and services because people are tired of the worn out tired products and services on offer

You will find most network marketers are always after the next new thing. I am sure you have encountered this after turning down an offer for one product or service and low and behold a few months later another phone call from the individual with a different product and a better opportunity to make money.  Avoid being classified in the same mold with these opportunity hoppers who gather no moss. Find a product or service that you are, or can become, enthusiastic and passionate about

Do your research about the product or service. Check out the competitors, the company claims, the unique selling points, the prices. Price is an important aspect of the opportunity. Unfortunately, if there are too many people in the down-line of the  network marketing products the price of the products and services are inflated by everyone in the down line making money. Consumers today are wise to these overpriced products and it easy to be labeled a scam artist if you have not done your homework. People can readily check the Internet for the miracle cure or ingredients and exaggerated claims of these products. The social media today can destroy the image of the product or service very quickly. Even worse your reputation and integrity are at risk. 

You need to produce a marketing strategy that is realistic. This strategy for your goals and the measurement of these goals must be clearly defined in writing and not only in your head. Here are my suggestion for your Marketing Strategy and Key Performance Index (KPI's): 

1. Lead generation 

2. Conversion from leads to sales 

3. Frequency of repeat sales in a week/month/ year / lifetime and average dollar value of the repeat sales

4. How many referrals you want from each client

5. Gross and net profit required

6. Automation & systematized processes

The appendix contains a template for your Marketing Strategy and KPI's.

The biggest secret to Network marketing is frequent motivation of your down line (your affiliates). Most sales people who get involved in network marketing are emotional beings. It is the nature of sales people that their emotions are often on a roller coaster. Your down line will require constant motivation to perform. You also need to keep motivated yourself because people can be very draining. Find yourself a mentor who can motivate the motivator. That person will help you to recharge your batteries. James Cagney is part of the Wealth Mentors Network and you can call him on 0416 137 645 to discuss mentoring or click >>> HERE . 

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This leads me to a great opportunity in the real estate industry. It is called Revalu8 and the industry is about to be turned on it's head. The real estate industry foots the bill for the criteria that I have discussed to be a good business opportunity. People joining the industry go in and compete with the "same old, same old' strategy that has been done for decades. This is where Revalu8 will be instrumental in introducing a big change in the REAL ESTATE industry. You do not have to be a licensed real estate agent to make money from people buying and selling property.

I have done my homework and I have found this unique service which has recently been launched. If you are excited about the prospect of making money through property now is the time to get involved. Revalu8 offers a unique service and huge benefits to both buyer and seller - but it will still take time and effort on your part to make money.  As I have said previously there is no easy money and this is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme. Your enthusiasm to help people make money is  the key to you being  successful with this service. Revalu8 will be successful with or without you. I do want you to get involved and I will do my best to give you the benefits of being part of  the Revalu8 Revolution of the Real Estate Industry by giving you the facts rather than the hype. It has taken Revalu8 over 7 years to refine and perfect the Internet platform to the point where they are today.  Seven years in the development stage seems a long time but it has been worth the wait. The ground work has been done so you can get on with the most important task of any business - marketing and selling. Many of the real estate agencies do not even realise that they are in a "Sunset Business". The Revalu8 Internet based platform will create a "Sunrise Business" opportunity for those willing to embrace change.

The Australian real estate  industry has remained rigidly unchanged for well over 100 years. This industry oversees approximately 500,000 transactions and generates in excess of $10 Billion per Annum in advertising and agent fees. ReValu8 is about to redistribute some of that money back to everyday people.

Over time, the dominant players have perpetuated a 'cultural conditioning' hypnotizing the majority of buyers and sellers to simply trust in the system. The Sole Agency system has built a pipeline that allows the Advertising companies to utilise the services of 70,000 Real Estate Agents to sell their advertising space and the only change in the last hundred years has been a shift from Print to Screen (and that is not a Technical
Revolution). Every Agent knows that technology shift is about to hit!

But let's be honest, the Sole Agency system does not benefit the Sellers. How can stopping every Agent except one from selling a home be a good thing? It is also not good for the Buyers who may need to see 20 different Agents to view all the homes in a couple of streets. But here's the kicker. A Sole Agency isn't even any good for the Agents as their Buyers go to the competition. They can only sell one or two homes instead of hundreds - unwittingly restricting their income.

The new paradigm will shift the power to the Buyer - like every other industry - the golden rule will now apply. The match needed to ignite the revolution of how property is bought and sold in Australia and to create the industry's "Uber" event in 2016. That prediction has become a reality in the form of ReValu8. Now for the first time the Buyer and not the Agent is in the driver's seat. The Buyers, the people actually spending their money - a lot of money, should be the ones getting the priority and all of the information.

For way too long a time the Real Estate Industry has been controlled by the Big Multi-Nationals and Elite Agencies - taking money from Mums and Dads to keep their profits rolling in!  To be fair: we all have to make a living and try to make profits but the current system (or food chain) was built to reward the Advertisers before the Agents, before the Sellers and the buyer is left out in the cold - the buyer who is spending what is for most buyers is a huge amount of money. A Revolution in the Real Estate Industry is so long overdue. In fact the only significant change to occur in the last 100 years has been the move from paper to digital advertisements.

Unlike other industries, the current establishment has stubbornly resisted progressive change, understandably - why would the Multi-Nationals change what has been for them a successful venture. ReValu8 will not only reward buyers but will ensure Buyers are educated and informed so they can be certain that the property they purchase is actually right for them and not just the best property from an Agent's perspective (this is a significant challenge to the current paradigm).

ReValu8 will also give the power of control over the property back to the Sellers. There will be no Sole or Exclusive Agencies through ReValu8 thus giving Sellers an open marketplace to sell their properties through thousands of Agents across Australia, and; they only pay the commission fee at settlement (or as we say: once the job has been done). ReValu8 will bring about the redistribution of the enormous amounts of Advertising Fees and Agent Commissions through our "Member Get Member Programs".

ReValu8's systems are Globally Patented and designed to provide both Buyers and Sellers with information which most Agents can't, won't or don't want to give their clients. ReValu8 is committed to BUSTING OPEN, BUSTING THROUGH & BUSTING OUT of the dated real estate and advertising practices.

When a buyer purchases a property using ReValu8 they will receive a large share of the advertising and commission fees agreed to by the Seller. Sellers hold the ultimate power in how they promote their properties. An inherent feature of our platform is the ability of the seller to include additional 'Buyer Incentives' to improve their visibility and ranking against competing properties. These incentives will primarily be made up of consumer based products and services such as Pre-paid Visa Debit cards, Holidays, Deposit Assistance, Travel or Retail Gift Cards.

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  • Over 175,000 Investment Properties are purchased every year
  • Over 75,000 First Home Buyer Properties are purchased every year
  • Over 250,000 People buy a home to live in
  • This gives us a total 500,000 Properties purchased every year
  • Over $10 Billion in Advertising Fees and Real Estate Commission is paid every year

ReValu8 has the Technology to help those 500,000 Buyers get a better deal through better information and education. The only question that needs to be answered is how many of those Buyers want a better Deal? And how many will use ReValu8 to get a Better Deal?

ReValu8 was created from the ground up to cater for the Buyer and their diverse aims and objectives when selecting a property to purchase. It may come as a surprise for many in the real estate industry to know this, but it just so happens that Buyers are not wanting to buy a property just because the Agent has a Sole Agency on the property.

Let's be absolutely clear. ReValu8 believes an Agent's job should be to find the Buyer the best property for the Buyer, not try fit them into a property where they have a Sole Agency  and want their commissions before the sole agency expires. But - as the Buyer is spending  money  - shouldn't their needs be the first priority?

In the ReValu8 world, Buyers are provided with "Choices" not Sole Agencies. In our world, Buyers are provided real facts & real figures to help them make decisions which  are always in their own best interests. In our world, as with Uber, Buyers, the people spending the money are getting what they want and getting a better deal. The question is how many of those Buyers and Sellers will want the better deal offered by ReValu8? Now that can be up to you because everyone needs a home to live in and the great Australian dream is to own your own home. This is a huge opportunity for you to make money by introducing  the "Buyer" and "Seller" to the Revalu8 platform.


Selling a home in Australia has always been an interesting situation when you think about it. The Real Estate Agents want big commissions, but worse still - they want advertising money upfront so that they can advertise their Franchise name, their smiling faces in a photo and their phone number. This is not what the Buyer wants and definitely not what the Seller wants.

Agents have been programmed to believe a sole agency is what real estate is all about when in reality it's about finding a Buyer a home they want - and helping the seller receive the best price for their property. Under the current system the money that you the Seller spends on advertising is  directly helping your Agent sell their business name and aiding the sale of other properties.  They do not share their commission with buyer or seller. this has been an ingrained system for so long that nobody has questioned the system. Most Agents won't discount their commission when they ask Sellers to lower the selling price (when they most likely initially advised the seller that it was a realistic asking price). Sellers take the financial hit while Agents still get their full commissions.

In Australia the Agents want a Sole or Exclusive Agency so that they are guaranteed their commission, but that stops every other Agent in the area and the country from selling the home except one. That may be great for the Agent but how is it good for the Seller, to not allow other Agents to sell a home because the Sole Agent won't usually conjunct (share commissions) with other Agents. Agents need to learn that the focus should be on the seller and the buyer.

Worse still, the advertising companies which control the websites and the Newspapers demand to be paid upfront. When you get down to brass tacks - they all earn more money the longer it takes to sell a home.  The longer it takes the more profits they make.

ReValu8 puts the Seller in charge of their home with a nationwide platform of Open Listings and conjunctions with every Agent in the area and nationwide who wish to sell the home and earn a commission. (no advertising money or commission is required until settlement). The Seller also gets to set the commission, the advertising budget and any Buyer incentives they want to give to the Buyer. The Seller is in total control (and not the Agent) and the best part is that it is all done on-line.

With over $10 Billion spent on Real Estate Agents Commission and Advertising ever year in Australia, there is little wonder that the Establishment has resisted any meaningful changes to the way the industry operates. The profits are simply enormous and unfortunately much of the revenue ultimately end up in corporate coffers. With ReValu8, it ends up back in the pockets of everyday people.

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The ReValu8 Plan is simple: it is all about rredistributing $10 Billion to the real participants in a property transaction like Buyer's so that they have an additional incentive to Buy!  We also want other People and Businesses to be able to earn a share in these Billions of Dollars by building their own on-line networks so that they can have a fair go.

It is FREE to join ReValu8. All you have to do is invite your friends. They will then get a better deal with Revalu8 when they Buy or Sell property. They may earn incentives or bonuses on offer from Sellers, as do the people who joined through you - in fact ReValu8 shares fees over 6 levels of introductions to the "Members Get Members" scheme. Remember that joining costs nothing!

If you want to refer your friends and also share in the $10 Billion paid every year in Real Estate Commissions and Advertising while enabling your Friends and Associates to get a better deal, then you need to look at ReValu8 and join the Real Estate Revolution!

Contact James Cagney on 0416 137 645 or Click >>> HERE . Get involved early in the Revalu8 Revolution and you will have a head start. Do it NOW and join the Revalu8 Revolution.


There is in excess of 70,000 Real Estate Agents currently operating in Australia all fighting for their share of the 500,000 properties bought & sold annually. That's an average of 7.14 property sales per Agent per year and the good Agents exceed that figure (our past systems allowed agents to regularly make more than 20 Sales per month each).

Who will survive when the Game Changes? The current system's days are numbered. The change in Buyer (and Seller) behaviors and preferences for immediate action cannot and will not be denied any longer. The first Agents to change will be winners.

Technological advances combined with consumer demands mean that shop fronts will quickly become redundant like fax machines, CD's and Stock Brokers.
The poster brand for famously 'missing the boat' is Blockbuster Video. These guys walked away from NetFlix. How many video stores have closed in the last 15 to 20 years? All industries change and the Real Estate industry has been very slow to change.

Agents know the two biggest objections they get on listings are about Sole Agencies and Advertising fees upfront.  Imagine how easy listings will become when you can tell your prospective Client that you DON'T WANT MARKETING MONEY UPFRONT and that YOU DON'T WANT A SOLE AGENCY AND EVERY AGENT IN AUSTRALIA CAN HAVE ACCESS TO SELL THE PROPERTY.

Sole or Exclusive Agencies will soon be dead. A ReValu8 aligned Real Estate Agent will have access to thousands of listings not just in the local area but from all across Australia. And the best bit is that Agents will still be paid for listings or helping Buyers buy a better home!

Every Real Estate Agent in Australia will need to ask themselves one simple question.... How can I compete against ReValu8 Agents when they look after the Buyers and the Sellers better than my business does?

The ReValu8 platform has the capability to redefine how property is bought and sold in Australia through a number of strategies. Primary amongst these strategies will be harnessing the entrepreneurial drive of ordinary, everyday people. People who buy a ReValu8 property will be empowered with knowledge and an understanding that they too can receive their fair share of the commission and advertising fees for "promoting" ReValu8. So instead of that advertising money going to the Multi-Nationals it will be going to ordinary people, legitimately redistributing the wealth.

ReValu8's research and consultation with parties either involved directly, indirectly or completely foreign to the property market has shown a universally agreed opinion that the ReValu8 platform is a game changer. Particular emphasis is drawn to our "people to people" approach and of course the power and leverage that Social Media enables. Add to that style of marketing and the consumer's confidence to utilise web-based portals to purchase goods and services, it's undeniable that the Real Estate industry is primed for dramatic change and the Agents who get in first will gain huge advantages over their competition.

The Information Age is all about the Buyer, the person who spends the money having informed choice options. In this age of technology when information and products and services are at our fingertips why would we be tempted to use out dated methodology in what is one of the most expensive purchases we make. People want in an easier, hands on method and the ability to achieve a better deal in the process. That is what ReValu8 is all about. Find out how Revalu8 will help you to increase your earnings in real estate. Contact James Cagney on 0416 137 645 or click >>> HERE .



There are various ways you can participate as a Revalu8 Affiliate. You can get right behind it and earn money as much money as you like from the entire suite of opportunities or you can choose where you feel your time and effort will be most productive. I have attached more details on each of the below Affiliate programs:

1) Development Lister: You list properties for larger developers and builders. This will give you ongoing income because every time a property is sold on the Revalu8 platform you get a commission. There is a fair amount of administration involved doing this and you have to be approved by Head Office to do this task.  Call James on 0416 137 645 and he will guide you through the process and documentation.

2) Real Estate Agent & Agency: You list new and existing properties yourself onto the site. You can earn commission and Affiliate fees when a property is sold on the Revalu8 platform. Here are the benefits for Real Estate Agents:

  • Buyers have access to more properties nationwide. If the buyers do not like the properties that an agent has listed they can choose from other agents properties on the platform. Both real estate agents involved can earn listing fees and referral fees. More importantly the buyers gets what they want and the vendors sells their property.
  • Agents do not have to spend countless hours trying to find listings. Your buyers can choose a property on the on-line platform with your expert guidance.
  • Put your listings onto the Revalu8 platform and you can earn listing fees. Do not wait until your "Sole Agency" or "exclusive"  is about to expire before you take advantage of the Revalu8 platform. Give your vendors the opportunity to sell the property nationally.

3) Buyer: You can buy property on the Revalu8 platform. As a buyer you get a rebate on settlement dependent on how much commission and incentives the vendor is prepared to give.

4) Seller: You can list your own property on the Revalu8 platform. You choose how much commission you want to pay. You can also offer incentives to induce buyers to purchase your property over others. You are in control. Bear in mind the more commission and incentives you offer the higher your ranking will be on the site.

5) Affiliate: This Affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn fees by referring friends, colleagues and family to the Revalu8 platform. If a property you have listed or one of your Affiliates has listed is sold on the site you can earn fees dependent on the level you are. If you or an Affiliate are involved in a sale of a property on the site you earn fees.

We do not expect you to understand  how the Revalu8 platform works after reading the above. Revalu8 have provided copious marketing material, social media briefs and promotional material for Affiliates to gain a better understanding. James Cagney conducts regular one on one phone calls, Skype calls, Webcasts and Webinars for his Affiliates. James also conducts group meetings around the country where you can meet other Affiliates and learn from their experiences. The opportunity to earn extra money is now in your hands. James is not going to promise you enormous riches overnight like so many of the property spruikers out there. What you need to do is get involved in Revalu8 now and at the start of the Real Estate Revolution, which will give you more opportunity to build your networks. The only way to fulfill your financial goals and dreams is to take ACTION. Call James Cagney on 0416 137 645 or click HERE for more information.

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Now that you have your product or services let's talk about how you are going to get it into the market place. It is commonly accepted that people are motivated either by NEED or GREED. The Europeans did not have to colonize Africa and South America - they wanted to for their own personal wealth.  The GREED for gold, diamonds,precious metals, rare spices and domination drove them to conquer lands and do what it took even if it meant slaughtering the original inhabitants. If you are broke and you do not have money to buy food for the family you are definitely motivated by NEED. It is great to live in a country like Australia where every resident has a right to a roof over their heads, food in their belly and an education. 

I want to put another motivator in the mix - 'WANTS' ("DESIRES").    People do not need the latest BMW to get them to work, to the shops and to collect the kids from school. However, it is much better to have the prestige of a brand new motor car than to drive around in an old banger. What will the kids' friends say, what would the neighbours think, how will that make me feel?. We are a vain society so let's just admit it. Keeping up with the Jones's is a big motivator. In Australia today it's our "WANTS" or our "DESIRES" that drive us more than what we 'NEED".

Then we have GREED and people do not like to admit they are greedy but many are. Greed comes in various forms and differs during stages of our lives. You see greed arise in young kids who do not want to share their toys. You see greed in teenagers who will not share the x- Box. You see greed in adults who do not want to share their television time and couples fighting over the TV remote. You see greed at shopping centres where people jostle for the parking spaces. You see greed  in old age homes where people fight over chairs and the last plate of pudding. Not a pleasant sight at any stage of life! So we are all greedy in some shape or form it very much depends on the level of greed we have and that others have around us. Personally I try to avoid greedy people. They are always wanting what you have and most of them do not want to work for it. They steal from you: your business, your time, your energy and your future. You are always having to watch your back and spend an inordinate amount of time checking on them. 

I prefer to go the middle road and motivate people through their WANTS.  Think back to your parents. Did they have new furniture, new cars, frequent eating out at restaurants, take aways, iPods, iPads, iPhones, big screen TV's, laptops etc. etc. etc. No!. But today it 's become the norm. The credit card has been used so frequently that families are struggling to keep up with minimum payments. The interest free period loan you got when you bought that leather lounge suite is over and the interest now is huge!.

Our fresh meat is exported at cheap prices so we can at least try and balance the national budget since the mining revenue has dramatically declined. Our grocery bills are soaring and we wonder where the money went. The thought of downgrading the car and losing heaps of money because the resale value is dismal is not an option. What is the alternative. EARN EXTRA MONEY. And, network marketing is a means to extra money. As long as it does not take too much effort of course. Motivating people is one of the most difficult tasks I know. It is often a very exhausting chore. Few people are self motivated BUT you have to do it if you want to have a successful network

To get motivated affiliates is an ongoing goal. Not only because of the multiplication factor but some will fall off the wagon as you grow your business. The multiplication strategy is:

1 goes to 2: > 4 > 8 >16 > 32 > 64 >128 > 256 > 512 .......... and onwards and upwards. This multiplication factor makes It is what makes network marketing exciting and profitable

Follow this step by step approach:

1. Write down names of all the people you know. 

2. Write down next to their names what you think their WANTS are. Next to that write down how your product or service will fulfill those WANTS. 

3. Write down a time and day you think would be best to call them. Do not try and sell under unfavorable circumstances. If they have small kids do not call at dinner time. If they work night shift call them on their days off. Do not show your hand if you want by emailing them first. One on one selling is the only way. If you send them an email don' t be surprised if they do not take your call or reject your offer with an excuse. 

4. When you call them make  the chit chat short to avoid the awkward moment of getting down to business. Tell them the purpose of the call. Share your experience with them. For example tell them you recently got onto a good thing and you are making money. Make sure you are getting results first before telling people how successful you are. 

5. Make an appointment preferably outside of their home. There are too many distractions in the home. Catch up for coffee and you pay. That way they have to listen to you. 

6. Get a convenient venue and get  group together and get them to bring their friends. Your initial prospects will love that because it means you are going to do the selling which takes the pressure off them. This is a business and you are going to have to spend some money to launch your business. Libraries often have meeting rooms at low prices. Scout and community halls are always looking for more revenue.

7. Put on refreshments it always changes the atmosphere in the meeting. Be professional, have a white board, pens that can write in bold or a screen and projector. It should take no longer than an hour and a half an hour chit chat after wards. Set up appointments to see the people with the referrer present. You need to coach your referrers other wise you are going to always be the one selling for others.

8. Skype is a very good and inexpensive way to train a group. You take the least amount of time to get the maximum education on the product or service. You set regular times for the group to log on. You know who is missing and if they are paying attention. You can switch between the computer screen and the video. Because it is a group meeting people usually take care of the distractions. If not the group will put the pressure on because everyone's time is valuable. It can be done when kids are in bed and most are in a relaxed frame of mind. They also have to report to the group on their performance. Nobody wants to look a failure and these meetings must be motivational.

9. Have regular 'one on ones' with your team. This can be over coffee or in a prearranged telephone appointment. Help those who are struggling to get sales and one on one training is the best way to do this. 

10. Have a quarterly meeting at a convenient venue. Invite the spouse and put on spread of snacks and refreshments. Make it an award evening and one for the achievers to have their day in the sun. Get the achievers to speak about how they have done it. 

11. Help the achievers to recruit others. Success and passion is catching. So is disinterest so make sure when you invite people to your group meeting that they are not going to be a downer and affect the group. 

12. Some of your affiliates will fall off the wagon. Some you may have to give a little push to because no matter how much training they have they will never succeed. 

James has included forms in the Appendix which will help you to keep track of your recruiting and training of affiliates. You need to monitor your performance as well as the performance of your affiliates.

To  join the Revalu8 opportunity at no cost to you call James on 0416 137 645 or click >>> HERE. James Cagney will help you through the process and you train you how to recruit a successful team. You do not have to be a licensed real estate agent to join. Join the Revalu8 Revolution today and make money whilst helping others to achieve their goals in life.

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The most successful network marketers are those who are passionate about the product or service are selling and are dedicated to the success of their team. Most People want to be able to do something worthwhile in life and to feel that they are making a difference. They also want to be rewarded for their efforts. The Revalu8 opportunity above is helping buyers, sellers and affiliates to make better choices. What could be better vision than that.

Networking is about how much time and effort you put in, and there are minimal start up costs. You can start part time and move into being self employed at your own pace. Don't say to yourself this sounds good but I am not a sales person. Selling is an art and it can be taught. Our lives evolve around selling. You are selling when you want to get your children to eat their vegetables, it's selling when you encourage your teenagers to study hard so they have a secure future, it's selling when you push young adults to stick to it and work themselves up through an organisation, it's selling when you want your spouse to see that you need that new car, that boat, that plasma television. Life is about selling and you will be surprised how good you are at it.  All you have to do is channel that skill into making you money through network marketing.  

Get on board and start TODAY. If you choose Revalu8 you will be taught by James Cagney who is a master motivator and sales person. Being taught by the best is the wisest decision you can make. Contact James on 0416 1137 645 or click >>> HERE. James conducts training nationwide so be sure to contact him now. The secret to success using network marketing is: getting in early. After 7 years of development Revalu8 is now ready to go!  Grasp the opportunity.   

James is presently writing "The 7 Strategies you need to create wealth"  and many of the principles in this eBook will be included in his book to be published in September 2016 and retail for $30. I wish you every success in your quest to take charge of your financial goals. Being able to adequately provide for your family and be in the financial position to donate to charity.is a great achievement enjoyed by so few in Australia. If you would like to speak to James give him a call on 0416 137 645 or click >>> HERE .


This is not financial advice. You should not act solely on the basis of the material contained in this eBook for your investment strategies. Changes in government and legislation occur frequently and without prior notice and markets are unpredictable. Please note that the information herein is of a general nature only and is not intended as specific advice for any particular person or entity.

This information was written and compiled by James Cagney.  The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of his associates including Asset Financial Services Pty Ltd and Revalu8 Pty Ltd.

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Author: James Cagney
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