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Too many migrants fail in business

Written on the 10 July 2010 by James Cagney

Too many migrants fail in business

James Cagney is a migrant from South Africa. He has lived in Australia for twelve years. He is a successful business man and currently is a registered Migration Agent, licensed Real Estate Agent and Business and Marketing Consultant. James has helped thousands of migrants to successfully settle in Australia and New Zealand.

However over the years he has met many  migrants that have failed in business. Business Migrants have to meet stringent criteria to qualify for permanent visa status. These business failures have a devastating effect financially and emotionally on the business person and their family . Many of these migrants that fail have had to pack up and return to their country of origin because they can not meet the visa conditions and are unable to qualify under another visa category. This is a humiliating experience for them and many of them never recover emotionally and financially. Worst still they do not become good ambassadors for the country often blaming the Australia and New Zealand system, government  and people for their failure.

The common trait of the migrants that succeed in business in Australia and New Zealand is their willingness to learn, to do research and strategize. Business Migrants are by their very nature entrepreneurial and this has made them successful in  their own country. Many mistakenly believe that because they lived in a Commonwealth country that doing business is the same in Australia and New Zealand and they fail and lose their hard earned money. James advises his clients that the only thing they have in common with Australians and New Zealanders is "they look like them and that is all".  Business strategy, ethics, culture and laws are different in every country so he advise his clients to do their planning and research before they spend their hard earned money.

James assists his clients in their business plans and marketing strategy. He refers his clients to professionals that will help them succeed in business i.e. accountants, solicitors, business brokers and others that understand the complexity of starting a business in a new country.  He also mentors them to create wealth for themselves and thereby enjoy life and living in their new country.

If you need more information or assistance with starting a business in Australia and /or New Zealand please contact James on jfc@jamescagney.com.au or call +64 416 137 645.   Or go to his website www.jamescagney.com.au or click >>>>> here .

Author: James Cagney
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