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Written on the 21 February 2018 by James Cagney

The writing is on the wall. The "Bust" which has been predicted by many of the leading financial experts for some time is here. However, like Lemming  falling over the cliff by their thousands, investors have ignored the signs. It's a cycle and each phase in the Boom-Bubble-Bust is inevitable. Harry Dent who is one of the leading experts predicted this Bust would happen.  He also predicted the fall of Crypto currencies but investors preferred to listened to the pundits who had an invested interest in people rushing to buy.  For more information on Harry Dent's  predictions for 2018 and beyond click >>> DENT .

The seasoned investors know that when everybody is rushing to invest in any market and making huge profits - it is time to make an exit. People were making huge profits on Bit-coins and all my friends and colleagues  were telling me to buy NOW. Yes, many of them made short term gains but more of them have lost money. The experts were warning about an overheated market and looming government regulations regarding these Crypto Currenciess - and  yet people ignored their advice . The mind boggles! Click >>> CRYPTO for sound advice on this market.

I encourage my clients to not fall for "Quick buck schemes" but to formulate a strategy to "Get rich slowly and securely" strategy.  I have never been a gambler or risk taker because I do not want to see my money disappear like sand through a bucket full of holes. I have worked too hard and long to create wealth.

That is why I concentrate on property. Warren Buffet said " Diversification is a protection against ignorance. It makes little seance for those who know what they are doing."  He is a successful investor and multi, multi millionaire. Why do people think they know more than he does?  I took his advice and I focus extensively on the property market so can know what I am doing. I do not run after every fad and scheme that comes across my path - no matter how much money they all tell me I can make

Last year I covered the Sydney and Melbourne property market extensively. I did my research and I followed the advice of leading experts in the market. I do not believe in reinventing the wheel. This year I will cover the other capital cities starting with Brisbane.

I will also cover the regional property market in NSW in 2018. The reason for this is property prices are substantially less allowing investors to enter the market  and allowing investors to increase their property portfolios.  Investors in these regional areas can not expect the unprecedented growth that Sydney and Melbourne has had over the past few years. Investors can expect to make between 5% to10% growth per year in many of these areas. Rental returns in these regional centres are often 5% and higher and tenants tend to remain longer.

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This is not financial advice. You should not act solely on the basis of the material contained in this article for your investment strategies. Changes in government and legislation occur frequently and without prior notice and financial markets are unpredictable. Please note that the information herein is of a general nature only and is not intended as specific advice for any particular person or entity.

This information was written and compiled by James Cagney.  The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of his associates including
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Thank you to the resources of Terry Ryder, Property Observer, The ABS, BIS Shrapnel, Michael Matusik, Property Monitors, Colliers, On the House, Corelogic, RP Data, Residex, SQM, Herron Todd White, NAB Residential Property Survey, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Peter Wargent, Port Phillip Publishing, Economy & Markets, Harry S. Dent and the many others for the material discussed above.

Author: James Cagney
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