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Do not belive all the media hype about the booming property market in Australia

Posted by James Cagney on 27 February 2021
The property pundits and spruikers are out in full force. Media headlines across the country are announcing the biggest property boom in 20 years. Marketers are making huge money as investors flock to take advantage of the BOOM.

The "Town Criers" are on every street corner bellowing "buy now before you lose out on the biggest boom ever". News channels are announcing capital growth rates of 30% to 40% this year. Similar claims are being spread via the media, over the internet and on billboards by unscrupulous property marketers as everybody climbs on the band wagon.  There are dollar signs in every real estate agent's eyes as inexperienced investors rush to buy.  

Do not believe this gross exaggeration about the current property market. It is mostly B.S. It is media hype at its worst. It is sensationalism designed to sell newspapers, magazines to improve viewership and readership so they can sell advertising space. It is a license for the media to make a quick buck. Business ethical standards are now at their lowest ebb. It is unconscionable.

Investing in any asset class is a risk so please, please BE CAREFUl. There is a well-known saying that "when the taxi drivers' tell you to buy an asset - you know you are too late".

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  • Decipher the truth from the plethora of media garbage.  
  • Interpret the inconsistent property research available.
  • Understand economic trends abroad and in Australia to make money.
  • Know where the market has long term  sustainable growth and not short-term marginal gains.
  • Calculate "real market value" and not the hyped-up value of those talking the market up.
  • Use the tried and tested "Property  Cycles          Module" for maximum capital growth.
  • Understand future demographics that will determine types of property potential.
  • Build a property portfolio for the long term with positively geared properties.

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Author: James Cagney
Tags: Property Market 2021
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