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Politicians take a pay cut -pigs will fly!

Posted by James Cagney on 29 March 2020

The past month has shown up the bungling of Australia's Federal & State leading politicians. Although Australia had the benefit of hindsight as Europe & Asia who were hit first with the Coronavirus (COVID -19) pandemic we did not learn from the countries that were succeeding in controlling the virus without shutting down their economy. Taiwan, Singapore, and others have succeeded in keeping businesses open whilst containing the virus.

One of Scott Morrison's closest advisers, Drought Coordinator-General Shane Stone has called on senior public servants to take a 50 percent pay cut as the government deals with the Coronavirus crisis. "You can't just say the words, you've got to mean it and one way the senior executive service at a federal, state and territory level can mean it, is to take a pay cut in their salary packages," he said. Mr Stone, who earns a salary in excess of $500,000 a year, said it was a small sacrifice at a time when up to two million people could find themselves unemployed. "I'm up for it. One in, all in though," Mr Stone said.

Surprise, Surprise. Politicians are silent about taking a pay. cut after destroying the income of hundreds of thousand of Australian workers The silence is deafening. Economist are predicting that the current stimulus packages will add another $160,000,000,000 ($160,0 billion) to Australia's current $500 billion deficit. Politician taking a pain cut will not make much of a dent in this but it is time they shared the pain with those they put out of work.

After Scott Morison's appeal for our business leaders to stand up and do something to help our country, However, it looks like pigs will fly before politicians agree to taking a pay cut. Very un-Australian! It is time we made politicians accountable for their hypocrisy.

Author: James Cagney
Tags: Politicians take a pay cut - the silence is deafining!
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