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Scott Morrison still has the Hawian shirt on!

Posted by James Cagney on 3 April 2020

Many Australian are doing it really tough and are still waiting for the stimulus package to help them with their bills and everyday essentials The media had questioned Scott Morrison about politicians and government workers taking a pay cut. However, he dodged the question by saying that "This is not the time for Australians to turn on one another".

I personally do not think that lower and middle income government workers should take a pay cut. Perhaps they can play their part by accepting a wage freeze for 6 months. However, it's time for politicians to do their part and take a pay cut. Most of them earn hundreds of thousands dollar salaries plus enjoy generous benefits. Yet they believe they should not be part of the pain the man in the street is now experiencing. What arrogance! Stop the excuses and do the right thing.

How quickly Scott Morrison has forgotten the anger of the Australian public less than 3 months ago.  He had to publically apologize for his misguided plans to take his family for a holiday in Hawaii whilst the east coast of Australia burnt. These recent bush fires were devastating for many Australian families. People lost their homes. people lost their income. People lost their lives whilst the Morrison family indulged themselves on the beaches of Hawaii. Lucky for all of us Australians it rained and eventually the fires died down.

Exhausted permanent and volunteer fire fighter, many who had worked 24/7 to for over a month could eventually take a well earned breather. Who then arrives back on the scene - the White Knight in shining amour - Scott Morrison.Many of the fire fighters would not even shake his hand.

Obviously Scott Morrison has not learned his lesson. He is still wearing his Hawaiian shirt during this crises (it is under his white shirt and tie).

It's time Scott Morrison stepped up, took leadership and takes a pay cut himself. Maybe then some of his well healed mates in politics will follow suit. Time to lead by example Scott and not by Rhetoric.

Please don't get me wrong. I like Scott Morrison and I think he is a good Prime Minister, However, it will be a pity if Scott Morrison will be the Prime Minister who will always be remembered as the "Hawaiian Shirt" politician in times of crises. 

Author: James Cagney
Tags: Scott Morrison still wearing his Hawaiian shirt!
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