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The 2nd wave of Coranvirus in Australia

Posted by James Cagney on 15 November 2020

Since my last Blog the UK, USA, Europe and a number of countries around the globe are now well into the 2nd wave of the Corona virus Pandemic. It is a virus and it does recur - there is increasing doubt from medical experts who cannot state that those who already been infected by the virus will be immune or not. Despite the uproar from the business community, many of whom will not be able to sustain a second lock-down, the respective governments have decided to go ahead with their restrictions. Unfortunately, many businesses will go to the wall, people will lose their assets and goodwill aspect of these businesses. Many of these people have put up their homes as security for their businesses and the banks and the creditors will unfortunately take whatever is the easiest to lay their hands on.

South Australia has just had an outbreak of COVID-19 and they have gone into "Lock-down" once again. From midnight 18-11-2020 people will be restricted from going outside of their homes to only one person per household will be able to leave the home each day, but only for specific purposes. Schools, businesses aged homes, sports facilities are once again been shut down. For more information you can go to SA LOCKDOWN.


Please do not think that "This time it will be different" or "It won't happen to me". The Australian State Premiers have shown that they believe in the "Lock-Down" strategy, albeit for political or medical purposes, and there is every chance this will happen once again throughout Australia . We cannot live in hope that a vaccine will be found or even approved by our medical experts before the 2nd wave inevitably hits Australia.

The smart people will prepare ourselves for tough times by putting in place the correct structures - right now - to protect our assets and our families from financial hardship. Once you get into financial difficulties our choices to assist you are limited. You need to set up the structures NOW for them to stand up the banks and the angry creditors. If the courts decide that you are just trying to avoid paying your debts you will lose your assets. We will show you a strategy that will stand up in court.

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Procrstination will keep you broke. Fear will make you poor. The worst thing about being broke and poor is it takes up all your time, worrying about every dollar you spend.

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Author: James Cagney
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