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The mob must not be allowed to rule our country

Posted by James Cagney on 8 June 2020

The "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) protests in the USA have been tainted by the violence, thuggery, looting, thievery, arsonist and others those bent on destroying law and order.  Of course, "Life Matters" whether you are black, Asian, white, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and any other colour or creed. Unfortunately, the George Floyd incident has painted all police in the USA with the same brush.   When protested are allowed to brandish posters reading "Kill our police" and get away with this, is incredible.

Numerous police have been injured and even murdered by the mob. The violence was out of control and the police were mostly restrained in the face of screaming protestors shouting insults and some were assaulted and unable to defend themselves. Police were doing their best in difficult circumstance to protect themselves and the public.  But these incidents were quickly passed over by the media. Instead of these thugs being singled out and scolded for their bad behaviour  the police were targeted for brutality.

In addition, innocent people have been targeted by these unruly mobs. Those who protested against the marches have been beaten senseless. A patriot standing on the side of the road with an American flag was set upon and beaten. A black policeman in Washington was set upon by white youth because he was type casted as a bad person. This is mob rule!

This violence has spread to the United Kingdom and to other countries around the world. Brazil is the latest victim as they use a combination of the BLM and the government handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. Once again, the police are the focus of peoples' anger. The mob have thrown brinks and bottles at the police.

Unfortunately, behind the good intention of many of those who are protesting against racism and police brutality are the extreme left-wing activist groups. These terrorist groups sole purpose is to destroy democracy in the West by creating mob rule in our cities. Groups like ANTIFA (Anti Fascist Movement) have used these easily influenced, innocent and the vulnerable youth to advance their cause.

Unfortunately, a new wave of racism is about to erupt in the USA. White people are being forced to kneel down in the streets and apologise for being 'privileged white". This will have a huge backlash as the Right in the USA will be incensed by this humiliation.

We must prevent racism within Australia. What is more important is the eradication of poverty which is the underlying cause of discontent in the USA.

A strategy of the terrorist groups is to discredit the police so mobs can rule in our streets. Some States and cities in the USA have announced they are going to decrease the budget for policing and redirect the money to social programs. What a win for these terrorist groups!

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, when he declared he would be "The President of Law and Order" and bring in the National Guard to restore law and order, it was a good tactical decision. Despite the left-wing criticism and the media saying he will only incite violence the violence in the main has ended. Trump has now announced that the National Guard will now be withdrawn.

I am reminded of a quote "Evil abounds when good people stand back and do nothing". These extreme left-wing groups intensions are evil. Do not let that happen.  Stand up against these extreme left-wing groups who want to destroy our values, our faith and our democratic way of life. Let's deal with injustice of minority groups. No one wants to be a second-class citizen. Let's uplift the people who are impoverished and give them job opportunities. Let's help  people to feel worthwhile. Unlike communist China in the West we have the right to protest but we do not have the right to abuse the police and other people who have different vies to our own.  We must maintain our democratic rights and  a free market economy into the future and not rely on socialism. A nation dependent on welfare will not prosper.

James Cagney is an inaugural member of "A Fair Go" movement in Australia. We are motivated to give all Australians' no matter what colour, creed  or gender "A Fair Go.  If you are interested in getting involved email him on jfc@jamescagney.com.au .

Author: James Cagney
Tags: Part 1 - Don't be lulled into a false sense of security
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