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The tourism industry in Queensland is in ruin

Posted by James Cagney on 6 May 2020

Queensland tourism has had a $6 billion loss since the  beginning March and after the State Government closed it's borders. Many businesses have been affected so badly  that will never reopen. Unemployment in early May 2020 Queensland is over 300,000 and Job-keeper applications are 141,972 both are way above the average per capita of other States.

Statistics show that of those who have applied for the Job-keeper allowance 30.5% are sole traders and 54% have 1 - 4 employees. Queensland has a large proportion of small businesses and the Job keeper allowance will not be enough to get the economy going again.

Yes this diabolical challenge is as a result of the Coronaries. However, we need to stop living in fear and the overestimation of the extent of fatalities. Of course the media rely on sensationalism to keep their ratings up.

Let's look at some facts about the extent of the Coronavirus COVID -19:

As at 5th May 2020 the following has occurred:


Australia                        269                                    4

Spain                           5,359                               548

Italy                              3,523                                485

Australia has had 97 deaths due to the Coronavirus to date. The median age of the fatalities was 80 years of age. Any death is tragic and I am not minimizing the grief of the family of these victims. Most of the 6875 cases 5975 (87%) of people have  recovered from COVID - 19.  It is clear that we should be looking after the most vulnerable instead of punishing the rest of the population. This is not a plague within Australia and we have done well to stop a "Pandemic". By all means States should discourage children from visiting their elderly parents in nursing homes for Mothers Day on the 10th April.

Our success in containing the Coronavirus is mostly due to a quick reaction to it and taking precautions. However, with the statistics we have and the lessons we can deem from other countries who have gone through the pandemic longer  to keep us in lock down and keep businesses closed with the statistics we have right now is ridiculous.

Let's face it Queensland tourism is not set for a dramatic recovery because predictions are that there will be 1,5 million unemployed in Australia by September 2020. They will not be able to afford to go on holiday. Even those who qualify for the jobseeker allowance of $750 per week it's  insufficient for many families to pay their mortgage and living expenses per and holidays are on the back burner. 

Australians are astute, well educated and responsible. I admit at the beginning of the world wide Coronavirus pandemic that sun lovers at Bondi Beach did not really care about the social distancing protocols resulting in the knee jerk reaction from politicians who punished Australians countrywide. However, i believe that Australians now realize that we need these social distancing and hygiene rules and they should give us some slack. 

Yet Annastasia Palaszczuk announced that she would not open the border until Queensland has had two incubation periods. That is four weeks! It's unbelievable that the politicians and bureaucrats, that have not been financially disadvantaged through the lock down, are those in favour continuing the lock down despite the published statistics. We need to take them to task about this. If they were in the same position as the bulk of Australian's who are financially stressed at the moment I know they would have a different perspective.

Please go my recent BLOG "Taxpayers will pay for decades for COVID-19 lock downs" for how tough it is going to be for our children - children to pay for the current lock down policies of the State Governments' and the Federal Government stimulus packages. 



Author: James Cagney
Tags: Queensland tourism industry is in ruin
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