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Australia has a growing population and economy that is planned and controlled. This inevitably creates shortages for certain skilled workers. The immigration policy for Australia encourages people with skills to immigrate either on temporary or permanent visa to ease this shortage.

In the past, immigration policy Australia has resulted in a population explosion in major cities as there were more opportunities for employment. The increased populations have resulted in huge problems for local councils to cope with the increased demands on existing infrastructures such as hospitals, schools, traffic, the escalating prices of homes and rental properties. Thereforethe government has made available more visa opportunities for migrants willing to settle in regional areas outside the major capital cities.

Many migrants over-estimate their employment and earning potential in their new country before arriving. Do your research well before you arrive.

Before you send resumes to prospective employers, we recommend you visit the country of your choice or do extensive research and get expert advice. We will help you identify the city or region where your skills are in demand and will assist in identifying companies that would be interested in employing you. Speak to people in your industry. Speak to people who have migrated to the area where you wish to settle.

An important and oftenunderestimated aspect to successful migration is to involve your spouse in determining the area you intend to settle. The wife is usually the person who must make the most sacrifice when settling, especially in regional / country areas. The demands of the new job may involve long hours and the other partner has to cope with the task of settling the family into a new country. Finding the new home, childcare, schools, higher education is a mammoth task. Co-ordinating sporting activities, the location of shops and services, making time and the opportunity to meet people and make friends can be a stressful process. I have had clients that have found grocery shopping stressful because brands are so different. There will be many aspects of your life that will need to make big changes. There are clubs and networks that migrants can join so you can learn how to cope with the transition as quickly as possible. We will put you in touch with people within our multiple networks.

We will give you valuable advice on:

  • The job market

  • Your potential for employment

  • Settling into your new life

  • Income tax

  • Mortgages and loans

  • Insurance

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