What is the AIPN?

Who is James Cagney?

Business is highly competitive in Australia. If you have a business that is struggling, OR a business ready for growth OR if you are starting a business OR opening a branch or transferring an existing business to Australia, then the following information is crucial to your success.

Our purpose is to help business owners increase sales and profitability. Utilising ethical networks, skilful marketing techniques and innovative technology, we present opportunities for maximum online exposure. Be mentored by successful entrepreneurs who turn problems into sustainable solutions.

  • Marketing your products, services and brand: See below

  • Joining a marketing network to grow your business: Click >>> HERE

  • Joining a business network to meet like minded people: Click >>> HERE

  • Creating a profitable Internet Business for passive income: Click >>> HERE

  • Become an author and get recognised as a expert in your field: Click >>> HERE

Marketing your products, services and brand

In conjunction with Bloomtools we can assist you with the following set up and or restructure of your Business :

  • Business and domain registrations and Corporate compliance
  • Brand creation/development and Marketing Strategy (Including how to generate leads & enquiries)
  • Branded emails (Use every email you send to promote your Brand, products & services daily) Free license trial

Contact us to receive a FREE half an hour consultation and recommendation for your business valued at over $150.00

Being Forewarned is to be Forearmed.

James has helped business migrants from many countries successfully start and run a business in Australia. Having lived, worked and owned businesses in South Africa and Australia  has given James the insight on what marketing and business strategies  work in Australia . James Cagney can offer you his experience, knowledge, advice and services through the Integrity Business Network.  

Make no mistake businesses in Australia operate differently when it comes to marketing,  business and products. Do not go the same way as many other immigrants and think they could do it without expert advice and have  lost a lot of money, time and effort starting or buying a business in Australia. . Many of them have had to return to their original country because they could not meet the immigration financial criteria for their business visa having lost some (if not all their money) in business. It is heartbreaking to see these business people dreams being shattered and having to go back up go back to where they came from. Their  The Department of immigration has no mercy in this regard. If you cannot meet the business visa criteria - you must leave Australia.            


The Integrity Business Network


- Cost effective email branding and advertising

- Increase sales and generate leads (easier said than done)

- Increase brand awareness (you need to stand out amongst the crowd)

- Reduce marketing/advertising costs (easier said than done)

- Gain competitive advantage (what sets you apart from the others)

- Reach your target market accurately and cost effectively (first of all you need to define this)

- Increase and "channel" traffic to your website (we need to use multiple media to reach our  target market)

- Launch products and services (do not think you can use the same strategy in every market)

- Promote special offers that convert to sales (how do you compete for their money in a competitive market?)

Identify and track potential customers (each lead is precious, do not waste it)

- Capitalise on your successes/achievements (use testimonials and we will show you how to get these)

- Obtain valuable customer feedback (make this an opportunity to get new business)

Building marketing strategies specific to your business and market(s)

- Offer a 360 degree, E-business solution helping to streamline your business efficiencies

- Help drive clients and lead generations to your business via email branding, SEO and an interactive highly evolved 3G website

- Database marketing and highly effective web tools allow you to market, measure and manage your marketing efforts and results, which ultimately results in increased sales

- Increase your brand identity and awareness through multiple exposure marketing channels (simply stated - not only one way works anymore)

- Ensure marketing compliance with local laws as penalties are severe (get the right advise from the start)

- Marketing strategy implementation can be tailored to suit your budget and components, thereof can be seamlessly integrated in accordance with the growth of your business (we can help)

Should you be interested in how our marketing advice and services could be of benefit to you and your business, then please click - HERE.

Internet Marketing Network Courses, Systems and Products

Many families today are stressed financially and need to make extra money to pay the ever increasing bills, enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, and to prepare for their retirement. Internet marketing is the answer to this as it can be done from the comfort of your home and in your own time. We offer Internet marketing courses, products and services that are tried and tested, use cutting edge techniques, systems and strategies to ensure success with the least amount of cash outlay, time and effort. Click here to find out how you can make that extra income >>> EXTRA INCOME

Successful people know that to create wealth you need to have multiple sources of income. Having only one source of income often does not make you exceedingly wealthy. Your jobs may give you a good living but that's about it. You need to seize the opportunity to make extra money through Internet marketing.  James will show you how to do this using time proven products and cutting edge systems. To find out more click >>> HERE.

Of course, if you do spend more time and effort on Internet marketing you can make a lot more money.  Internet marketing  gives you the opportunity to offer products and services to a much larger audience and you do not have to spend a fortune on retail rental, staff and advertising. . However, most people do not know where to start because for us it is the unknown and we are afraid of the unknown. Look through these videos and you will be surprised how easy it is to get started. Click here to GET STARTED

 Business Networking

Being a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) can be very lonely and daunting. You often need people to bounce ideas off . This means more people than your family, friends  staff as their advice may not be objective enough. Often you need an outsiders point of view on  how to solve business problems and challenges you have,  These people can be ruthlessly honest with you as they are not that interested in sparing your feelings. You should also seek out people who have experience in the area you are struggling with.   A solution  for you is to get advice by joining the Integrity Business Network.

You will benefit from the expertise and knowledge of other people who have 'been there and done that'. It's called "Synergy" and it is a force that very few people understand. The power of Synergy make 1+ 1 = 3 and Napoleon Hill, the author of "Think and Grow Rich" calls this the 'Mastermind' principle. Have you found that often the answer to your problem is right in front of you, but you can't see it?

The Integrity Business Network does not costs you money to join. All queries and subsequent discussions are done on line and you communicate through an alias so your identity and business is protected. Therefore, the members of the Integrity Business Network can frankly discuss their business problems without risk. What it will cost you is a commitment in time to be active and not only get advice to solve your problems, but help others when you can. This is called the principle of "sowing and reaping" and most millionaires and billionaires in the world know too well how this works. You will also find that the 'teacher' always learns more than the 'student' in these situations because the teacher has to be objective and specific with advice. This will help you apply the same discipline to your own business.

Another benefit is you participate in your own time when it suits you. No wasted time traveling to meetings. No waffle. No windbags. No strings attached. Just learning and giving as you grow within the Integrity Business Network.  If you want to join click here and we will get you started right away.

The billionaire Robert Kiyosaki said "Average people work. Rich people form networks". Get involved in the Integrity Business Network by clicking >>>> JOIN NOW.

The Streetwise Guide to Success        

Authors command respect in the market place. Would you like to become  a co-author in the Streetwise Guides. We are looking for people who have a burning desire to help others. Share your knowledge about your area of expertise, a story, experiences and have an opportunity to become a published author by having it published  in the Streetwise Guides series. For example, you can be a published Co-author in the following Streetwise Guides:

- The Streetwise Guide to Wealth

- The Streetwise Guide to Achieving your Goals

- The Streetwise Guide to Sales Success

- The Streetwise Guide to Real Estate Sales, and

- more.......give us your suggestions.  SUGGESTION .

Enjoy a brighter more satisfying future for you and your family by taking this opportunity.  President Lyndon B. Johnson said "Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose". James Cagney invites you to embark on a journey to success, prosperity and abundance. .Contact us to show your interest in becoming an author and click  >>>> HERE .

If you want to read the numerous TESTIMONIALS about James Cagney click.....HERE

If you want insight into what is happening in real estate, immigration society and politics in Australia click>>>> HERE. Some of these articles will be hair-raising and controversial so please take time to go to this section NOW or ignore them at your own peril. You can also access previous 'Property Updates" for a realistic and practical view on the Australian property market and not opinion from property spreukers. Do it NOW because......procrastination is the biggest  cause of failure and  "ONE of these days"..... is....."None of these days"......click>>>HERE.

Interested in other services we provide? Click on the tabs above or call James Cagney on +61 416 137 64 or Fax +61 7 5657 7094. Please call between 9am to 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).


This is not immigration or financial advice. You should not act solely on the basis of the material contained on this website. Changes in legislation occur frequently and without prior notice. Property and business Cycles are subject to frequent change so items herein are general comments only and do not constitute or convey advice PER SE.

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