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Some of these articles will be hair-raising and controversial so please take time to read through them OR ignore them at your own financial peril. You can access previous 'Property Updates" for a realistic and practical view on the Australian property market and society by scrolling down the page. Do it NOW because...... "ONE of these days"..... is....."None of these days".

What Australians want is, life should be fair and equitable. They want to be treated with respect by politicians, the law, big business, their colleagues and friends. This is called by Aussies as "a-fair-go".

So unlike many other countries in the world today, everyone in Australian has a right to stand up and frankly give their point of view. Below are articles and newsletters written by James Cagney sharing his opinions on politics, business, immigration policy, the economy and daily life and living in Australia.  

If you are thinking about immigrating to Australia or or investing in Australia you must read these because they will give you an unbiased view of what is happening in Australia.

If you are living and working in Australia you need to take a moment from your busy day and get a realistic view of what is happening to your future. We all have two choices: We can make a living or you can design a life. It's time for you to take control of your own destiny and stop leaving it to the politicians who are only interested in making policy that will get them elected for another term of office. They are not interested in the long term future of Australia or your future they are more interested in appeasing the masses and enticing the electorate to vote them into power again through short term stimulus and promises.

We will give you $ 500 (Five hundred Australian dollars) if we are unable to show you how to:

  •  Save money on your mortgage, and/or

  •  Pay your mortgage off sooner, and/or

  •  Structure your debts to save money, and/or

  •  Suggest improvements to your estate planning, and/or

  •  Implement financial strategies to prepare for a comfortable retirement.

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The "7 Strategies You Must Use To Create Wealth" will be completed by November 2017
"The 7 Strategies You Must Use To Create Wealth" to be Launch December 2016
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Testimonials about James Cagney

Below are excerpts from testimonials provided by clients. To request the full testimonial click >>> HERE .

Hayzel Meyer, CEO at Relocation Alliance CC, T/A International Immigration Alliance, South Africa. March 22, 2012. (extract only and full testimonial available on request).  I have worked with James Cagney for many years, he is professional and reliable, I would definitely recommend him for any property related deal or migration information on Australia

Peter Young,  Queensland , Australia.  (extract only and full testimonial available on request).  I have known  James Cagney since March 2002  when he worked as a real estate agent for Barker Tomlins in Surfers Paradise. James would  introduce prospective property buyers to my Mortgage brokerage.  James has a good understanding of  tailoring an affordable property to the clients circumstances and  the  requirements in order to get a loan approved for his clients.

Christine French, Queensland, Australia. (extract only and full testimonial available on request).  I am a licensed solicitor for Queensland and New South Wales on the Gold Coast and I have advised Classic Properties Australia clients since September 2008.  James is a fully licensed real estate agent and I find  that his knowledge of  real estate law extensive. Over the period I have dealt with his clients I have found him very ethical and  his clients' hold him with high regard.

Shane Andrews, CEO at Kingscliff Investments Pty Ltd, Australia, NSW Australia. James is very meticulous to detail with ALL client interactions. October 22, 2011, Shane was with another company when working with James at IRPS Associates Pty Ltd

Deanna Gray Australia, Australia, Queensland. My husband and I had the privilege of dealing with James in the capacity of our Real Estate Agent in a unit purchase at Southport. We could not be happier with the level of service that James provided during the transaction. Even though the transaction was not straight forward he was there every step of the way providing a high level of service, customer care and integrity. We would have no hesitation in doing business with him again and would recommend him to anyway seeking service in this area. August 25, 2011, Deanna is James's client.

Derek Venske Youth Coordinator at Youth Point Connect, Gold Coast Australia. I have had the privilege to be associated with James, both personally as well as in business, for over twenty years. It is without any reservation that I hold James in the highest esteem as a man of integrity, honesty and impeccable Christian value. His dealings with people and associates have always been fair and without partiality. I whole heartedly recommend James. August 20, 2011, Derek worked with James at IRPS Associates Pty Ltd

Clem & Annette Hanson, Manager at Hotel Federal, Tasmania Australia. James is a great person. He helped us to purchase an investment property with a minimum amount of fuss and he showed true professionalism the whole way through. We soon became friends of James and he has stayed in touch with us since our purchase. We would highly recommend James to anyone, he has a fantastic personality and he goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are happy.
August 19, 2011, Clem and Annette is James's client

Steve Brown, Business/Investment Broker, Queensland Australia  James is a hard working person that conducts his business with a quality high level of service to his clients. He is a very reputable operator and having used his services in the past I have no hesitation in recommending James to anyone considering any services he provides.August 19, 2011, Steve is James's client.

Jolyon & Kerry Porter Adelaide Australia (extract only and full testimonial available on request)      James Cagney, Hana Barker, Robert (finance) and Helen (legal) were professional, upfront, honest and worked together as a well-oiled team. They were not there just to sell you a property but had themselves invested in the group, which made us very reassured!.....James Cagney is genuine, honest, hardworking and supported us at all times so that we were happy with the outcome of our first investment adventure. A terrific advocate to have on your side. Jolyon and Kerry Porter are clients of James. Oct 2013

Cindy & Darian Whitmann, Queensland, Australia    (extract only and full testimonial available on request). We want to thank James Cagney for giving Darian and I the opportunity  to get into the property market through our newly formed  Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF).  We originally thought we had no chance to purchase an investment property..................... Our grateful thanks to James and the team at Platinum Private wealth and we hope to do more business through James once we have our own finances sorted out. The most important thing is that we now have a financial strategy.
Cindy & Darian Wittmann is James's client May 2015                               

David & Jodie Frost, Queensland, Australia (extract only and full testimonial avaialble on request). Jodie and I would like to thank you for the effort and professionalism that you conducted through the whole process of purchasing our first ever rental property and now our second one.  Considering how nervous and sceptical I personally was after being nudged by my lovely partner you worked through every process with your wonderful team and eased my fears and reduced my stress levels,......P.S if any of your clients wish to discuss this with us I would feel comfortable with them emailing me or chatting on the phone when I have a spare moment. David & Jodie are James Clients Nov 2012.

Jenny Ryan, Queensland, Australia (extract only and full testimonial available on request)  I met James Cagney in October 2013. I attended a seminar that James conducted and he came to my home to discuss my goals and invited me to a Property Expo I purchased an investment property in Marsden Brisbane at the Expo I would like to thank James for his patience and understanding as being a single lady at the time of purchase I was understandably very nervous.  When I can afford another investment property I will give James a call to see what he has available I would recommend James to anyone who is interested in buying an investment property. Jenny Ryan is a client of James Oct 2013

Mike Nasser & Lisa Maslen Queensland, Australia (extract only and full testimonial is available on request).  Lisa & I met James Cagney in January 2013. James kept in touch with us  and we purchased another investment property in Marsden Brisbane during October 2013. We would like to thank James for his persistence and his assurance along the way that we were doing the right thing. We would purchase another property from James and recommend him to anyone who is interested in building a property portfolio and creating enough money so they can enjoy their retirement.

Edmond SoNSW, Australia (extract from email) We like to express our deepest thanks to you. As we said to you before, you have provided to us with services that are beyond the call of your duties. We are very glad that we have met you & your team of professionals that provided us with such high standard of tailor made services and with such understanding & attention to details. We are sitting @ the airport waiting for our flight & we like to forward this message to you before we leave Queensland. Thank you.

Willie BirkenstockNSW, Australia (Immigration Client) Hi James, It will be an honour my friend to use me as a testimonial. You are most welcome. You don't realize what you and Shelagh have done for us. We were both totally lost and would never have made it without your great help. I have purchased my plane ticket and I leave on the 29th of this month.

Stephan and Androa Bruwer, Queensland Australia (Immigration Client) We would like to thank Shelagh and James for the help and guidance in a stressful time, we could not have asked for more, they have been thorough from the start, guiding us through the steps towards gaining our permanent resident status and now finally we are waiting for the date of the ceremony for our citizenship. We opted for the full service and James and Shelagh was in touch through emails and phone calls to get everything set up for the initial application process.  There were masses of paperwork, Photostat copies, bank statements, financial statements and certificates, James made it clear as to what was needed, at what stage and what to keep for later stadium.  I will highly recommend their services to anybody who is looking to immigrate to Australia.

Carolyn and Keith Bullimore, Victoria, Australia2017 (extract only and full testimonial available on request) James Cagney contacted Keith and I early this year and asked if he could come and see us for a financial check-up.  Keith and I were sceptical of what finance brokers and real estate agents promise they will do for you.. James worked with the property developer and the on-site manager to get the property rented and we are busy with the mortgage reduction monitoring and budgeting program at present. Keith and I would recommend that investors should always use professionals who have your interests in mind when they propose you invest in property..  We do recommend the services of James Cagney, Classic Properties and Asset Finance Services.

Tony & Danya Hall, Sydney, Australia. (extract only and full testimonial is available on request), We met with James Cagney in April 2017.. We discussed our financial situation and he booked us into a financial review meeting with him a few weeks later. We told James that we had a bad experience with a previous investment property and were reticent to go down that route again.  James showed us the mistakes we had made with our previous investment property and explained how we could rectify that should we purchase another investment property in  the future.James showed us how we could reduce the time it would take to pay off our mortgage, how to get a portion of our hard earned money back from the taxman and we especially liked the budgeting program that they offered.

Vis & Manusha Reddy, Sydney, Australia (extract only and full testimonial available on request). James Cagney came to our home in December 2016 to discuss our financial situation and our retirement goals. (extract only and full testimonial available on request) James Cagney came to our home in December 2016 to discuss our financial situation and our retirement goals. Manusha and I would recommend that  ordinary folks like us who need financial assistance  to prepare for retirement should seek professional  guidance. James has been very helpful throughout the entire process.

Nina & Raul Sauz, Sydney, Australia 2017 (extract only and full testimonial available on request). We had the pleasure meeting James Cagney from Asset Finance Services earlier this year. He invited Raul and me to a do a review of our current mortgage and debts and talk about our financial goals for the future. We had never thought of owning an investment property and we were extremely nervous. As we bought off- the-plan and being nervous new investors we wanted to see our investment property  when it was completed. We are looking forward to seeing James this year, as part of our Client for Life program, to show us how we have progressed towards our financial goals.

Nina & Raul Sauz, Australia 2020 (extract only and full testimonial available on request).  We would like to thank James Cagney and Asset Finance Services for their support since we purchased our first investment property in February 2017. We are happy about the structure Asset Finance set up for us to enable us to pay our home loan off quicker. When we purchased the investment property our home loan was $265, 000. Within three years, without paying any extra on our home loan than the minimum payment, we have reduced our mortgage by $83,000. James also arranged for Asset Finance Services to negotiate an interest rates by 1.52% and 1.6%  below what the bank were offering us.

More testimonials and the full testimonial are avaialble on request.

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