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Buying Investment Property in Australia and New Zealand

Research has shown that property in Australia doubles in value every 7.2 years. Therefore buy an investment property and make money while you sleep? How easy is that!

Not all the sections on this page may be of interest to Australian Residents or Foreign Investors so click on the highlighted questions below that link directly to your area of interest to save you time:

  • Why should we buy an investment property?
  • Can overseas residents buy real estate in Australia?
  • What can the Australia Investment Property Network (AIPN) do for you?
  • What makes Australia a desirable destination for migrants?
  • Why should international investors buy property in Australia?
  • Where should you purchase an investment property?
  • When should you buy property?
  • What is NRAS and how do you benefit from the income tax rebates?
  • Investment property for sale RIGHT NOW?
  • How are you protected when buying a property from AHP & AIPN?

Why should we buy an investment property?

There are many benefits for Australian residents purchasing investment property including:

- Appreciation
- Depreciation
- Tenant paying the mortgage
- Tax rebates from the Australian Tax Office (ATO)

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